How to Find a Book Club in Your Area

In earlier posts this week I’ve been talking about starting a new book club, and the things you need to consider and decide.

But what if you don’t want to start one yourself, and simply want to find one to join – how do you do that?

Booked {Reading Together} | How to Find a Book Club in Your Area

There’s no one foolproof answer, but here are some tips:

Ask around – even if your friends aren’t in book clubs, or aren’t even readers themselves, they may know of groups open to new members.

Check with your local library and bookstores. They may have a notice board, or announcements on their website, but also ask the staff, who may be aware of what’s in the community.

See if your local community center has a book club connected with it – many YMCAs offer a monthly book club, open to any of their members.

See if your town or city has a community newsletter or activity guide. I’ve lived in areas where the parks and recreation department publishes a seasonal brochure with various activities, including book groups.

Look online, and not only for online groups. Meetup is an easy way to find local book clubs, and Goodreads also has groups that sometimes meet in person. Other websites to check for groups include Reader’s Circle, My Bookclub, and Bookgroup (a good one to check if you’re outside the US).

And if you are interested in online groups? Stick around, because later this month I’ll be posting about two options for that. I’m pretty excited about both of them. 🙂

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This is part of the Booked: Reading Together series. Throughout October, I’m writing all about book clubs.

Check out the archives in case you missed a post.

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  1. Thank you, these are great suggestions. I’m pretty sure there are several groups near me which operate on the “ask around” principle – they don’t advertise as such. I’m always surprised when friends who don’t appear to be bookworms mention they are in a club.

  2. Thanks for sourcing ways to find a book club!

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