Introducing 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads

31 Days of Great Nonfiction BooksAs part of The Nester‘s annual “31 Days of” linkup, I’m going to be writing about “31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads.”

Some may be familiar already. Some are newer. Some are old favorites. What they all have in common is that they’re nonfiction books that I’ve really enjoyed, and often recommend.

I hope you’ll find some new ideas, or are motivated to push some books higher up your “to be read” list.

I also hope you’ll share some of your favorite nonfiction books, especially ones that aren’t as well know.

Please join me beginning October 1, and every day during October I’ll be posting about a new nonfiction book that I love and recommend!

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  1. I’m looking forward to this series!

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to this! I know I’ll get tons of ideas!

  3. Excited for this series!!! ALWAYS on the hunt for more good books!! (Can I link to this series in my series for October?)


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