What I’ve Been Doing (Instead of Finishing Books and Blogging about Them)

the-dark-days-clubAccording to my Kindle, I’m 30 minutes away from finishing the book The Dark Days Club. I’ve been 30 minutes away from finishing it for over a week now.

I’m feeling anxious about something that I expect will happen, so if I don’t read it, it won’t happen, right? No, I don’t know why I care that much, or why I can’t seem to finish anything else while this book has my reading on hold. I’m driving myself crazy with my ridiculousness, and I’m hoping that by admitting it here, I can finish the dang book already.

What have I been doing instead?

  • Watching Westminster with the kids. And by myself once the kids went to bed. My annual dog show viewing party. I’m always amused by the many many many breeds I have zero interest in ever owning.
  • Slowly making progress on the nonfiction book Appetite for America. It’s interesting, but it seems like it is taking me forever to get through it. I’m hoping that there is a long bibliography in the back, because otherwise it really is the neverending book.
  • Bemoaning the menu plan and shopping trip I just finished before my husband got doctor’s orders to try a sort of elimination diet to see if he can pinpoint the source of some issues he’s had. Literally every vegetable I bought is on his “do not eat” list.
  • Lost my voice for two days, which is a problem when you use a literature-based homeschool curriculum. The kids got an unplanned day off from school on the second day, after I couldn’t manage to whisper my way through read alouds again.
  • Waiting ever so impatiently for The Hanging Tree. I’m on hold at the library, and I’m creeping up the holds list, but I want to know what hapens next in the series!
  • Began working on taxes. I haven’t gotten started on taxes this early in years, but it feels great. I’m hoping to have them finished before March, which would be incredibly exciting.
  • Started working through a backlog of Quicken data entry. I’d kept up with YNAB, which was awesome for budget tracking during the year. Then when I started working on taxes I realized how much better Quicken is for that, so … Good thing I started taxes early.
  • Feeling sheepish as I wait to again borrow for Moloka’i. I started and then got mixed up on my due dates and had it vanish off my Kindle right before the discussion on it began in book club. I’ve been avoiding my facebook group where they’re talking about it, because I don’t want to be spoiled as to what happens in the final third of the book.

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