January 2018 Recap

This may be the lastest recap post I’ve ever written because this whole “preschooler has stopped napping and quiet time is more a theory than a reality” is just killing my blogging time. It’s not doing a whole lot for my reading time either.

Add in a busy season with kid activities, and hey, look, it’s almost the middle of the month!

The Month in Stats

Books Read This Month: 12

Things That Happened

  • Book club – we began our “reading around the world” theme by reading the classic Around the World in 80 Days for my local book club. And as a very appropriate title to begin the new year, we read The Gifts of Imperfection in the Facebook group.
  • Lots of basketball games and practices.
  • We struggled a bit to get back into the homeschool routine after our extended “holiday school” routine. Plus, January is just long and cold and dark. It makes for a hard stretch.
  • Disney on Ice with my girls (and H’s Girl Scout troop). They loved it.
  • G got his expander and I had 10 days of turning that crank to add some space in his mouth. This also meant we began paying for phase one of his orthodontic treatment, and thinking about this times 3 is not exciting. Maybe all 3 kids won’t need treatment. 🙂
  • M had her allergist visit and it confirmed that she is allergic to pistachios and cashews. She did not react to any other tree nuts, but those are still a bit risky for her. I now carry an EpiPen for her and have to read food labels with a much more careful eye.
  • Girl Scout cookie sales began, and H fairly quickly got to about halfway to her goal.
    She’s kind of stalled out on it now, in part because the weather is not cooperating for her to go door to door in the neighborhood. Too cold, too icy, and dark too early.

What I’m Anticipating in February

  • Belt testing again. G is testing for first degree senior and H for first degree probationary.
  • Basketball season ends, and we have a brief lull before baseball and softball start up.
  • Cookie booths, as H tries to get the rest of the way to her goal. She’s got two shifts scheduled at local stores.
  • G has evaluations for baseball; the team coaches use those to select the teams in an attempt to get balanced teams. Fortunately, R takes him to those and I just have to watch the girls.
  • Lots of Girl Scout and Cub Scout meetings and activities – I guess they figure it’s a slower time of year so a good chance to work on badges and things, but we are double booked many weeks.
  • Book club – Burial Rites for my in-person book club and The Death of Ivan Ilyich in the Facebook group.

Books I Read in January

I shared the list of books I read in a recent post.

    Readers for G (books I assigned him to read; he reads more of his own choosing)
  • A Question of Yams

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  1. My almost two-year-old went on a nap strike for about a week, and I about died. No break, no time to myself at all during the day?? And of course, he was cranky all evening because he was so tired. Thankfully, he eventually went back to taking a nap like normal. But now I know what I have to look “forward” to when he does give them up for good someday! 🙂

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