Jenny of the Tetons

Jenny of the TetonsJenny of the TetonsJenny of the Tetons (Great Episodes) by Kristiana Gregory by Kristiana Gregory

A solid historical fiction choice for children – there are some beautiful descriptive passages, but enough action to keep the book moving. As an adult reading it, I wanted a little more depth in the story and would have like it to be a bit longer – it’s very short – so I wouldn’t consider it a must-read for older readers.

My favorite aspects of it is how Jenny and many of the elements in the book are based on a true story. While the protagonist, Carrie, is invented for the book, the outline of her story is realistic and works well to showcase Jenny’s story.

Another favorite element was how each chapter opens up with excerpts from her husband’s journal (misspellings and all). If you’re familiar with the Teton area of Wyoming, Jenny Lake is named after her, and Leigh lake for her husband. I loved how Gregory took details from Leigh’s journal and integrated those aspects into her fictional account.

I would caution parents considering it as a book for their children that there are some very sad elements in it, so it might not be a good choice for sensitive readers. There is also a fairly subtle reference to sex that might be a concern depending on the age or maturity of the reader.

Publisher’s Description:
Carrie Hill hates Indians. Indians killed her parents and ruined her life.
With nowhere else to go, fifteen-year-old Carrie signs on to help care for the family of Beaver Dick Leigh, an English trapper. To her dismay, Carrie discovers that Beaver Dick’s wife, Jenny, is a Shoshoni Indian! But as Carrie’s wounds heal under Jenny’s gentle care, she begins to respect and love this kind woman.

Beginning each chapter with an excerpt from Beaver Dick Leigh’s actual journals, Kristiana Gregory brings alive the people and the dramatic setting of a bygone era.

Book Details

Title: Jenny of the TetonsJenny of the Tetons (Great Episodes) by Kristiana Gregory
Author: Kristiana Gregory
Category: Juvenile Historical Fiction
My Rating: 4 Stars

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