July 2017 Recap

July 2017 in Stats

Books Read This Month: 28
Books Read This Year: 128

Things That Happened
  • Book club – A Midsummer Night’s Dream for my in-person book club and True Grit in the Facebook group.
  • G turned eight, and had a week at Cub Scout camp.
  • Another week of VBS & week of taekwondo camp.
  • We had some friends stop by for an afternoon/evening as they drove across the country. It’d been a couple of years since we’d seen them so it’s always nice to have a chance to catch up with them. Their oldest son is 15, so this time we were more or less able to ignore the kids for longer stretches as their older ones kept an eye on all the littler ones. That was nice for us to be able to talk and visit.
  • Those visitors also motivated R to finish painting that corner for me, so my bookcase is in place and I’ve been getting organized and ready for us to start homeschooling again.
  • We (and by we, I mean R) refilled the sand box for the kids, and they’ve been out there playing in it every day since.
  • R also worked on the washing machine, which has been having some issues. Upon opening it up, he discovered a sock clogging it, and since removing it it’s been working much better.
    Whew. I was hoping we wouldn’t need to buy a new machine!
What’s Cooking
  • I kind of made up a bar recipe when I didn’t have the exact ingredients the recipe called for. I ended up tossing in caramel bits, white chocolate chips, and even the dregs of a bag of toffee chips. They were amazing!
  • Burgers on the grill. Lots of burgers, which leads to easy leftover meals.
What I’m Anticipating in August
  • M’s birthday! She’ll be THREE 🙂
  • School starts up again!
  • Soccer starts for G and H. I don’t know who puts the kids on teams or schedules things, but I love them. This year, just like last year, the kids have their practice on the same day and time, in the same place. I love having it be set each week, so it’s easy to get into a routine, and I love love love having them both at the same time – makes life so much easier for me.
  • Book club – Lost in Shangri-La for my in-person book club and The Diamond Age in the Facebook group.
Books I Read in July

I shared the list of books I read in a recent post, and I haven’t even read any new picture or chapter books to the kids this month – it’s still been all old favorites all month, with nothing new to share. August should be different!

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