June 2017 Recap

June was another amazing reading month, in large part because of audio books. I pretty much listened whenever I had the slightest opportunity to. While kids play outside is a prime chance – it’s hard to read a real book because I need to keep my eyes on them, so the audio is perfect.

June 2017 in Stats

Books Read This Month: 24
Books Read This Year: 100

Things That Happened
  • Book club – Into Thin Air for my in-person book club and Uprooted in the Facebook group.
  • H received her brown belt (moving her up into the advanced classes with G – hooray!),
    and turned six.
  • A week of VBS & a week of taekwondo camp.
  • Baseball and softball ended.
  • G did NOT pass his belt test (again!) He made a mistake in his form that he had never done during class, and hasn’t done since. So I have no idea what happened there – maybe he got nervous because of the crowds watching?
What’s Cooking
  • Snickerdoodles, making R very *very* happy.
  • G and I also made a fruit pizza one day, and it was delicious. I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next two days as well – yummm!
What I’m Anticipating in July
  • G’s birthday! 🙂
  • Another week of VBS (a different one), and another week of taekwondo camp. Plus Cub Scout camp for G!
  • Hoping to get some homeschool stuff organized – cleaning out binders from last year, getting them set up for next year, etc. I’m hoping R finishes painting the corner on the enclosed porch, so I can move the bookcase in that’s going to hold lots of my homeschool material. Then I can get it off the card table where it’s currently waiting for a “real” home and put that table away. Plus getting the waiting bookcase placed so it’s no longer half-blocking a doorway. The porch has been looking awful while this painting project is happening.
  • Hoping to make some progress with cooking lessons for the kids. They were put on hold before, but this seems like a good time to get back to them.
  • Book club – A Midsummer Night’s Dream for my in-person book club and True Grit in the Facebook group.
Books I Read in June

I shared the list of books I read in a post on Wednesday, and I haven’t even read any new picture books to the kids this month – it’s been all old favorites all month. So nothing new to report!

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