What the Kids are Reading (in May 2014)

Musk Ox CountsMusk Ox CountsMusk Ox Counts by Erin Cabatingan, illustrated by Matthew Myers by Erin Cabatingan, illustrated by Matthew Myers

Last library visit I brought the kids inside with me (lots of the time I leave them in the car with daddy while I run in and get my holds), and they picked out most of their own books.

It’s not that I don’t want to encourage them in the joy of the library or deny them the pleasure of selecting books for themselves, but so much of the time the books they pick aren’t ones they end up liking that much. They turn into read once and that’s enough books, instead of the over and over and over again repeats that I try to find.

Anyway, that’s a long introduction to say that this month’s library trip didn’t have many winners. I did snag another book by the pair who wrote and illustrated the fantastic A Is for Musk OxA Is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan and Matthew Myers, and it was easily the best book of the bunch. Ok, it was the only book that I could bear to re-read, but it would have been a lot of fun even with tougher competition.

Other than that one, this month has been lots of rereads from our own collection. I’ve got some other kids’ books on hold so hopefully next month’s post has more to report!

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  1. I let Josiah pick out his books this week and he actually got some really good ones! The summer reading program just started at the library so they had lots of science/nature books out on display to go along with the theme. (We liked Pierre the Penguin.) Also he randomly picked up How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans from the new arrivals shelf and I just hoped it would live up to the great title — and it totally did! Quite funny, you should check it out. (Although my son actually likes green beans, so I hope this doesn’t give him the idea that he should not eat them!)

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