Looking Back at 2014, Looking Ahead at 2015.

Blog PlannerI love this time of year. I spent as much time as I can planning and dreaming about 2015. Of course, that also involves reviewing the year that was as I think about making the most of the new year.

Most popular posts this year:

The review of the Graceling Realm series
Review of Murder on the Orient Express
Reading Multiple Books at a Time
Review of The Forgotten Garden
Why to Track the Books You Read

Features this year

I started several new series: two link-ups with Jessica (Bookworm Problems and Judging Books By Their Covers), and my own series on Cooking the Book, and Read This Not That. I’m debating turning those into link-ups next year, or perhaps changing my “New on My Bookcase” monthly post into a link-up. Anyone have any interest in any/all of these as link-ups?

Speaking of bookworm problems, I shared about problems while traveling, my neverending to be read list, the impossibility of picking a favorite book, the misery of impatiently waiting for the next book in a series, and the practical challenge of storing all those books.

Other bookish discussion posts I wrote were on reading while traveling, finding new releases by authors you love, how I choose what to read (and the related post, about being a mood reader). I closed out the year with some of my favorite bookish gifts.

Planning for 2015

I’m already thinking about a 31 Days series for October, and am considering a few different possibilities. One of them has me super excited, so I may just start listing some specifics and see if I’ve got 31 already.

Homeschooling posts will increase to two a month, instead of just one. They’ll still be on Fridays, but as we keep progressing with what we’re doing I’ve got too much to say to keep it to only one post!

I do hope to continue to improve the blog and make it more useful for you all. I’ve got some plans on revamping the categories and tags – I said that last year and then it fell by the wayside but it’s still on my agenda. I’d also like to get the Facebook page a little more active, but that always seems to be something that gets ignored for higher priorities.

talk to me

Anything you’d especially like to see or read about this year? I’m doing lots of post brainstorming and filling in an editorial calendar, so I really would like to know if there is anything in particular you want to read.


  1. I enjoy your homeschool posts. I like seeing what worked or didnt work with your family and why.
    I need to become more organized again be consistent enough for link ups. A monthly new books feature would be up my alley.

    • Thanks for the input – I wasn’t on the ball enough to get January’s new book post as a link-up, but I’ll see if I can get a graphic together for February.

  2. I really like your “Read this, not that” posts. There are so many books out there, it’s hard to know which ones to choose.

    • Thanks for the input! Those are the slowest ones to write, because I have to find a book worth reading that compares with the one not worth reading. I’ve still got a couple from last year where I never reviewed them because I was so convinced that there *should* be a great (or at least good) book on that topic or theme, instead of the duds I had just read.

      So far I’m still looking for something that would be worth the reading time to recommend instead. :/

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