Looking Back at 2015 & Ahead at 2016

The week between Christmas and New Years is my favorite of the year! I love thinking about what worked in the previous year, where I hope to improve, and making lots of plans for the upcoming year.

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New in 2016

New on the Stack buttonI started the “New on the Stack” linkup. It’s been detrimental to my TBR list, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know the reading tastes of some of the bloggers who regularly link up. I’m planning on continuing it for 2016, although there will be a handful of months when the date shifts to accommodate other posts. I’ll keep you updated on when to expect it though, but it’ll always be around the 3rd of the month.

BookedThumbnailThe month of October was devoted to an entire series about book clubs.

you can't buy happiness but you can buy booksI signed up as an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books, after realizing just how many of them we already had and loved through homeschooling and general interest reading. I’ve loved getting the chance to talk about some of the great books they have – even as much of an introvert as I am, chatting about books is not the same as the oh-so-difficult small talk usually is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Planning for 2016

I have my editorial calendar for the year already started, and it’s filling up quickly thanks to recurring features and other plans.

The Deliberate Reader 2016 Book Club PicksThe big plan for the year is of course the book club I started – the discussion will mostly take place in the Facebook group, but I’ll be posting about the books at the beginning of each month (to introduce them), and a review-type post at the end of the month, which will include a linkup if you’d like to share a post you’ve written about the book. And of course the comments will be open if that’s easiest for you to add your thoughts on the books!

RTFEBCIn addition to that book club, I’m also co-hosting Reading Together: A Family Exploration Book Club with Jessica (Quirky Bookworm). That’s another Facebook group (a different one, so join both if you want to participate in both groups) but I’ll have a linkup for those books as well at the end of the month.

Kickstart to Clutter FreeSomeone last-minute, because I only just learned about it, but in January I’m going to be working through Kathi Lipp’s Kickstart to Clutter-Free e-course. It’s 14 Days and she promises that I’ll get at least 500 things out of my house. I haven’t seen the course yet (just got it yesterday) but I’m going to start working on it on Monday, and plan to work on it each weekday.

I’ll probably share updates on the blog’s Facebook page, and I’m somewhat thinking I may even do something on Periscope related to it. Just as a way to try out Periscope. No promises with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Also, I’m @SheilaRCraig over there.)

I’d love to have someone work through the course with me, so please let me know if you download it. We could even set up a private Facebook group and share our progress. (Yes, I do love private Facebook groups for this sort of thing) ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk To Me

Any requests for the year? Any books you think I need to add to the top of my TBR stack?

(See last year’s post on the same theme: looking ahead at 2015)

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  1. I am not doing Lipp’s course, but I have her book and have ‘kinda’ worked through it before! A re-read to get my butt in motion is definitely needed.
    Can’t wait to see your 2016! Happy New Year!

    • I’ve “kinda” done this sort of thing before, but need to do more. Although this week has been crazy here so I’ve done nothing. Hoping to work on it some this weekend – even if all I manage is Saturdays that’s still more progress than nothing!

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