Even More Reasons to Use Goodreads

Even More Reasons to Use GoodreadsWhat? You thought I was done talking about Goodreads? Apparently I have a lot to say about it.

I’ve written in general about why to use Goodreads.

I wrote about why you should even bother to track your books (whether by Goodreads or another option).

But Goodreads offers even more advantages that I don’t fully take advantage of yet.

  • If I wanted to track which books I owned, I could make a shelf for that.
  • If I wanted to track which books I’d borrowed from the library, or from a friend, I could make a shelf for that.
  • If I wanted to track which books I’d loaned to someone, I could make a shelf for that.
  • If I want to include a review, there’s room for that. If I want to include just a link to a review I post here, I can do that.
  • If I want to organize my to be read list into what order I want to read the books in, I could do that.
  • If I want to remember which books my library has available, I could make a shelf for that – by library or by format (print, audio, kindle). And actually, I’ve recently started using GoodReads in this way and it is super convenient.

I’m not the only one who thinks Goodreads is worth using – Keren Threlfall wrote about using Goodreads during her 31 Days of Reading More without Living Less series. I’d have included a link to it in my original post except I hadn’t seen her post until after I’d published it (got a little behind on all of my blog reading during all of the October series postings).

And again, I’m not trying to claim that Goodreads is the only option available. Or that it’s perfect. But it works to do what I want most (keep track of the books I read, in a way that I can access it from anywhere). It works to do some other things that are helpful or fun (interesting stats, easy organizing). And it works to connect me with other readers.

Not a fan of Goodreads? LibraryThing is another option – I tried them way back when (2007) but wasn’t a big fan – didn’t like their focus on cataloging books you own. Yes, it’s adaptable, but I’d just as soon use the one that does what I want from the start. They do have a lot more esoteric and non-English language books in their database, so that might be a draw for some. My reading isn’t that specialized, and none of my reading is in anything other than English so it’s not an issue for me.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Goodreads in any way. They don’t know that I exist. I am just a very happy user!


  1. I like Goodreads because they have a “Quotes” section. I love searching for random words and seeing all the famous (and not so famous) quotes pop up.

    • I need to try that sometime! I love quotes, but haven’t looked at that part of Goodreads at all! See, one more reason to love it. I feel like such a Goodreads shill. 😉


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