New on My Bookcase (vol. 12)

Library Haul 12The latest library books I brought home – lots more fiction than it seems like I usually get, and a smaller batch than it often is. Which is a good thing because my reading pace has been a lot slower the last few weeks, so I didn’t have much to return. :)


The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern CrimeThe Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime by Judith Flanders by Judith Flanders
I’m curious about why they’re claiming the Victorians invented murder. Plus I love true crime and detective stories of the fictional and nonfictional variety. What I hadn’t realized is that the book is 450+ pages, and I’m not sure that I’m interested enough to invest that amount of reading time. I’ll give it a try, but may return it unfinished if it’s at all sluggish.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of DeathKnocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death by Katy Butler by Katy Butler
No idea why or how this one is on my list, but it’s there. It’s also another one that may go back unfinished, because I’m so uncertain of why I even have it.

I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot From SchoolI Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot From School by Caroline Taggart by Caroline Taggart
Think this one could be fun to skim through.

The Bonne Femme Cookbook: Simple, Splendid Food That French Women Cook Every DayThe Bonne Femme Cookbook: Simple, Splendid Food That French Women Cook Every Day by Wini Moranville by Wini Moranville
Flipping through it quickly had me drooling over some of the recipes, but I wish it had more pictures!

Life of Fred–ApplesLife of Fred--Apples by Stanley F. Schmidt by Stanley Schmidt
I’m curious about this approach to teaching math, and wanted to take a look at it. My assumption is that my son isn’t ready for it, so this is more of a research scan for me for future possibilities.


Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy)Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy) by Kerstin Gier by Kerstin Gier
I read book one (Ruby RedRuby Red (The Ruby Red Trilogy) by Kerstin Gier) in the trilogy and really liked it, and I have book two (Sapphire BlueSapphire Blue (The Ruby Red Trilogy) by Kerstin Gier) waiting for me. Now I’ve got book three as well, but it’s got a holds list so I won’t be able to renew it. That means I need to read both of them before this one needs to go back.

The ArrivalsThe Arrival: A Novel by Melissa Marr by Melissa Marr
Sounds like a crazy plot, but I can be very accepting of crazy plots in fantasy novels.

The Map of Lost MemoriesThe Map of Lost Memories: A Novel by Kim Fay by Kim Fay
Historical mystery, a museum curator, and an Edgar finalist. I have high hopes for this book.

A Rose for the CrownA Rose for the Crown: A Novel by Anne Easter Smith by Anne Easter Smith
I love historical fiction, and I’d love it if this were as engrossing as it sounds like it could be. I got the audio version though, and I’m not sure if it’ll be a good one to listen to.

Before Midnight: A Retelling of “Cinderella”Before Midnight: A Retelling of by Cameron Dokey
I love retellings of fairy tales (well, sometimes I do) so of course I want to try this one.

Patty Reed’s Doll: The Story of the Donner PartyPatty Reed's Doll: The Story of the Donner Party by Rachel K. Laurgaard by Rachel K. Laurgaard
I think I said that I was done with Donner Party books, but then in the comments of my post Amanda recommended this book as doing a good job of telling the story in an appropriate way for a kid’s book. I couldn’t resist seeing their approach.

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  1. If I had to choose one out of your stack, I think I’d go for The Map of Lost Memories. Between watching White Collar and reading The Art Forger, I’m kind of into art/museum related stuff these days.

    • I went for the Arrivals first. It really was a crazy plot, but in a good way. How was The Art Forger? It sounds like one I’d like.

  2. I’ve only been following you for a couple of weeks, but I can’t recommend Knocking on Heaven’s Door highly enough! Don’t send it back without at least trying it. Nice balance of memoir and facts about the medical system. Definitely helpful information that no one wants to have to have but everyone should!

    • Thanks for your input! I was all set to return it without even opening it, but after reading your comment I have to give it a try.

  3. The Ruby Red trilogy! I need to read this series. I can’t wait to hear how you like books 2 & 3.

    • I have been carrying book 2 around with me for a week (as in, from room to room. Upstairs and downstairs.) For whatever reason I haven’t started it, and book 3 needs to go back to the library Tuesday! I’ve either got to dive in and admit that I’ll be missing some sleep, recognize that late fees are in my future, or acknowledge that it’s not happening and return them both.

    • Ok, I’ve read the first part of book 2, and I’m conceding that I just don’t care enough about it to read it. They’re both going back to the library unfinished (and late, but oh well. It’s not like I haven’t paid a late fee before). I liked Ruby Red (and will likely be writing a review at some point), but obviously not enough to read the rest of it.

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