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I’m Sheila, and I love books. I love reading them, and I love talking about what I’ve been reading, what I want to read, and the reading life.

I’ve written three series: Booked: Reading Together (all about book clubs), 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads, and then I shared another 31 Days of Great Nonfiction.

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I’m a former librarian turned stay-at-home mom, but I’ve never lost my love for reading. I’ve had to scale back on the number of books I can read in a year, so I try and focus on making the most of my reading time. I read for education and enlightenment, but also for enjoyment, and I still love reading genre fiction.

I’m also a homeschooler – and no surprise, but I use a literature-rich curriculum. Love reading books with my kids! I’ve got three of them: son G, born summer 2009; daughter H, born summer 2011, and daughter M, born summer 2014. I post regularly about what we’re doing for homeschooling as well.

I tweet about books, reading, motherhood, and life @sheilarcraig. I also share pictures from my life on Instagram, and pin what catches my eye at Pinterest.

Still want more? I’ve also shared my goals for The Deliberate Reader, and what my favorite types of books are, and why one set of reading numbers have gone up after having children.

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