New on Your Stack (volume 24)

Some highlights from the books from last month’s linkup:

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany CavallaroKate (Opinionated Book Lover) planned to read A Study in Charlotte, which is currently on my library holds list. I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with reading Sherlock Holmes-inspired fiction, and lots of buzz surrounding this one meant it was on my “get to this one soon” list. Ok, soon-ish.

Inside the Medieval World by National Geographic coverArwen (The Tech Chef) added tons of children’s books to her bookshelves last month, but what really caught my eye was Inside the Medieval World published by National Geographic. I am fascinated by that time period and am so tempted to get this for myself.

I’m not even sure which book to highlight from Stacie’s post at Sincerely Stacie because she’s got over 30 listed! So I went for the one which I had just checked out the day before – Cork Dork (I am such a sucker for memoirs). But be sure and go to her post and see all the other books she mentions – Beyond Bedlam’s Door sounded really interesting, and I love David Allen, so Ready for Anything is one I want to check out. Her fiction choices included intriguing ones like The Practice House, It’s Always the Husband, The Breakdown, Sugar, Stars Over Clear Lake, and The Roanoke Girls. Whew! Stacie has plot summaries or descriptions for all of these, plus her children’s book finds included in her post.

I’m always tickled when I see people getting books for my book club, and Jill grabbed Funny in Farsi when it was a Kindle special price. It’s no longer at that price but I’m keeping an eye on it for future deals & post them to my Facebook page if I spot them.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy these follow up blogs. I also really enjoyed Inside the Medieval World. It was like a quick overview, but it helped me see how the piece all fell together over a thousand year period from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Yes, March was a busy book month. I just wish I had time to read them all! You’ll probably get to some of them before me! I’ll be sharing my April books next week!

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