New on Your Stack (volume 21)

Some highlights from the books from last month’s linkup:

starflightOnce again I’m going to wait on Kate (Opinionated Book Lover) (and how much do I love that blog name??) to decide if I’m going to read one of her books. Starflight is intriguing to this inexperienced science fiction reader, but it sounds like there may be a romance angle in it. I’ll wait for Kate to post her review before I decide if I’ll read this one.

one-to-fiveI do love trying new cookbooks, and Stacie (Sincerely Stacie) highlighted one where the concept sounds *very* appealing. One to Five takes one recipe and turns it into five dishes. I could handle that.

waves-of-mercyJill (Days at Home) let me know that Lynn Austen has a new book out – Waves of Mercy. I haven’t read all of Austen’s works, but what I have read of hers I’ve really enjoyed. I’m adding this to my tbr list for when I’m in the mood for that setting.

i-let-you-goTanya (The Other Side of the Road) highlights I Let You Go, and while part of me really wants to read it, the other part says that I need to stay far away from it. I think perhaps I’m better off skipping it, at least until my kids are all much older.

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  1. I finished Starflight yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. My review should be up next week. It was light on the sci-fi and also light on the romance. It reminded me of the TV show Firefly. Fun squad goals, good characters.

  2. Being on Whole 30 in November limited my recipe trying, but I’m hoping to review One to Five yet this month with some recipes to post! Thanks for the mention!

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