New on Your Stack (volume 23)

Some highlights from the books from last month’s linkup:

I have mixed feelings about historical fiction that uses real people as characters in their novels. This isn’t a blanket “never do it!” but I get a little nervous about how the author does it.

All that to say, Jill (Days at Home) highlights First Impressions by Charlie Lovett and I’m interested but slightly concerned about the Jane Austen character in the secondary story line.

Maybe I’m extra tempted by it because the audible version is narrated by Jayne Entwistle, who is one of my favorites. My library has it so it’ll be easy to give it a try.

Kate (Opinionated Book Lover) and I shared one title on our TBR lists last month, but since it’s for the same book club I guess it wasn’t surpring to see Emma appear on her list. 🙂

She also let me know that the Starflight duology is complete now that Starfall has been published. I checked out the first book but quickly returned it when I realized that there was a second book. I wanted to be able to read them both close together if necessary (in other words, I didn’t want a forced long wait for the publication date to arrive.) Now I’ll let her read it and tell me if the two together are worth the reading time. I want them to be.

Stacie (Sincerely Stacie) has some really intriguing titles this month but the one I’m most interested in is A Bridge Across the Ocean. The cover is so pretty, and I do so often enjoy alternating time lines. I’m waiting to hear how she likes it.

I’m also curious to see how she likes Rules of Civility, which she added to her reading stack last month. That was such a great book and it made for such a great discussion title in book club!

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  1. I just picked Starfall up from the library finally. It’s next up on my stack. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. I love that you do these follow up blogs. Due to family issues I wasn’t able to keep up with my book pick up blogs until this month. Looking forward to being part of the discussion again.

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