November 2016 Recap

November RecapNovember was a good month for reading, but not so much for blogging. I was sick, M was sick – it all added up to time on the couch resting and/or snuggling a sick baby.

So thankful it wasn’t anything serious for us (just nasty colds that lingered), and for my Kindle app on my phone which let me get through a bunch of books!

November 2016 in Stats

Books Read This Month: 15
Books Read For The Year: 91

Things That Happened
  • Thanksgiving and a pie extravaganza.
  • In the Facebook book club we discussed David and Goliath.
  • G began basketball.
  • H participated in a taekwondo tournament. She’s the smallest one in her belt class, and sended up in a group with all boys. Watching her take on those bigger boys was fun. Love how fearless she is!
  • I made a bit of a change to H’s Kindergarten curriculum. What I was trying to do wasn’t working that well, and I was dreading it. Two weeks in to the slight revamp and things are going well. Once I give it a little more time to know if it’ll continue to work well, I’ll share what changes I made.
  • G continues to chug along with his homeschool curriculum. He’s almost done with week 29, so it’s time for me to start seriously thinking about getting the next stuff ready to go. Week 36 will be here before I know it! Although a break for Christmas will slwo things down a bit. 🙂
What’s Cooking
  • Soup season is back! Hooray! Now if only my kids would eat soup instead of acting like I’m trying to poison them when I serve it.
  • I made 8 pies for Thanksgiving and the peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie, and apple were SO GOOD. The blueberry was not good; I bought a different brand of filling and it was gross. And the pumpkin was weird; the filling ended up being really runny and didn’t taste right.
What I’m Anticipating in December
  • Book club –The Uncommon Reader for my in-person book club and The Hobbit in the Facebook group.
  • Christmas. I am not prepared for it.
  • A very overdue, twice-postponed coloring party! It’s happening tonight, barring catastrophe or family emergencies or similar issues.
  • Belt testing. G is going for senior red and H for senior purple.
Books I Read
  1. A Rule Against Murder
  2. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady
  3. Whispers Under Ground
  4. Garden Spells
  5. Last of the Breed
  6. The Anatomist’s Wife
  7. Sleep Smarter
  8. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets
  9. Broken Homes
  10. Mortal Arts
  11. The Brutal Telling
  12. Foxglove Summer
  13. A Grave Matter
  14. The Zoo at the Edge of the World
  15. Bury Your Dead

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