October 2017 Recap

October RecapOctober was a strange month for me. I spent the first part of the month recovering from my surgery, and then the second part of the month recovering from my recovery time. šŸ˜‰ I’m still catching up on things that got ignored while I was spending so much time resting.

The Month in Stats

Books Read This Month: 28
Books Read This Year: 200

Things That Happened

  • Book club – Jane Eyre, The Madwoman Upstairs, and Charlotte Bronte: A Fiery Heart for my in-person book club and Funny in Farsi in the Facebook group.
  • Cub Scouts popcorn sales! G worked hard going through the neighborhood to reach his sales goal for the year. He sold enough to earn his way to camp this summer, so that was exciting for him.
  • Soccer ended, and I don’t think G is planning on playing it again. His team won their first game of the tournament, but lost their next two and that was the end of their season. First grade soccer doesn’t have a tournament, so H just had one final game and that was the end of it for her.
  • G and H had belt testing again at taekwondo. Both passed, so G is now a first degree decided black belt (that’s the one that has his name on the belt!), and H is a red belt. G’s next test isn’t for four months, so December will be the first testing cycle when he doesn’t test since he began.
  • Book club retreat – I posted about it already, but it was lovely as always.
  • I forgot to mention this for September, but M has started taekwondo classes as well. She’s in the tot classes, but still does belt testing – she passed testing in October and now has a yellow stripe belt.

What Iā€™m Anticipating in November

  • G and H start basketball. This is G’s third year playing, and H’s first.
  • G and H are also trying out jiu-jitsu. The taekwondo studio where they take classes also offers jiu-jitsu, so it’s very convenient (and affordable, thanks to the family rate we’ve qualified for). I don’t expect them to do those classes often, as they’ll have to fit in around everything else, but they were both super excited to give it a try.
  • Lots of Scout activities – both Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.
  • Book club – At Home in the World for my in-person book club and Ordinary Grace in the Facebook group.

Books I Read in October

I shared the list of books I read in a recent post.

I didn’t finish that many readalouds with my children this month, thanks to half the month including zero reading by me to them as I recovered from my surgery.

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