Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry

Pizza Pigs and PoetryPizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a PoemPizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a Poem by Jack Prelutsky by Jack Prelutsky

If you’re not familiar with Prelutsky’s poetry, the title of this book probably makes no sense. If you are familiar with his work, you know that for him, this title is tame. 🙂

Despite not really being the target audience for this book, I enjoyed it tremendously. Each chapter is introduced by an anecdote, and how Prelutsky turned that experience into a poem. I loved how he emphasized generating ideas, and using anything as a springboard to creating something else. Even more, I loved how he emphasized the importance of working at it. He talked about how often he rewrites his poems, and how long some of them take to get to where he’s satisfied with them. Perseverance is an important trait, and I’d love to be able to give my children a book on writing that reinforces that throughout the text (not in a preachy way, but in a this-is-what-it-takes way).

The book isn’t just stories from his life as a back story to the poems he writes. Each chapter ends with a writing tip and exercise, and sprinkled throughout the text are definitions of literary and poetic terms written to be understandable by children. The end of the book includes a list of beginning lines to inspire writers to create their own poems.

Publisher’s Description:
Have you ever tried to write a poem about a pizza? How about a pig? How about a pigeon, penguin, potato, Ping-Pong, parrot, puppy, pelican, porcupine, pie, pachyderm, or your parents?

Jack Prelutsky has written more than one thousand poems about all of these things—and many others. In this book he gives you the inside scoop on writing poetry and shows you how you can turn your own experiences and stories about your family, your pets, and your friends into poems. He offers tips, advice, and secrets about writing and provides some fun exercises to help you get started (or unstuck). You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the ingredients of some of his most popular poems. If you are a poet, want to be a poet, or if you have to write a poem for homework and you just need some help, then this is the book for you!

Book Details

Title: Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a PoemPizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a Poem by Jack Prelutsky
Author: Jack Prelutsky
Category: Nonfiction / Writing
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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  1. Is this geared for kids? It sounds fun!

    • Ha! Nothing like realizing that you’ve left out some important information in your post. Yes, it’s definitely aimed at younger kids.

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