All About Reading Level 2 Review

All About Reading Level 2I’ve already mentioned how great I think All About Reading’s Level 1 is, in an post detailing its pros and cons. I somewhat reluctantly began it after stalling out with the original program I tried to use to teach my 5-year old. It ended up being a big hit with both of us – G loved it because it’s fun and rewarding, and I loved how easy it was for me to use, even when pregnant and exhausted with caring for a 3-year old as well.

If anything, after completing Level 2 I’m even more of a fan.

Unsurprisingly, the programs are similar. Level 2 picks up where Level 1 leaves off. One significant difference is that Level 2 adds fluency sheets called “warm-up sheets” for lessons where they read a story, while in Level 1 there were no fluency sheets included with those lessons. While initially I was hesitant about this (the fluency sheets were my son’s least favorite part of the program in Level 1), they turned out to be very helpful. They were great at helping my son gain confidence before reading the stories, and that led him to feel more successful at it and want to continue.

The only thing I didn’t like so much about this level was the way the student activity book was arranged. The activity sheets are all in the front half of the book, and the fluency sheets are all together in the second half. It’s a minor point, but I preferred how Level 1 had it all go in lesson order, activity sheets followed by fluency sheets and on and on. Turns out Level 3 goes back to that arrangement as well, so maybe I wasn’t alone in that preference?

That minor quibble aside, I’m thrilled with this program. It is so incredibly easy to use, and it’s been so successful at teaching my son. He’s reading well, and enjoys it. He was insistent that I order Level 3 so he could get started with it as well, and he’s already talking about when he gets to Level 4.

It is expensive, yes, but it’s been an amazing success for us and I consider it money well spent.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, and I paid for the program. However, I am an affiliate for the program because I love it so much, and this post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my link it won’t cost you anything extra, but I may earn a little bit of money that I’ll probably use for buying more homeschool materials or other books. Thank you for supporting The Deliberate Reader!


  1. Thanks to you I finally made the AAR jump and am thrilled with it. Stefan is in level 2 now and I agree with you about the layout of the activity book…drives me a little crazy. 😉 I also think that the reading practice sheets for the story are helpful and also make the lessons with only a chapter to read more in depth. I found that in level one there is an extreme variety in length of lesson. This wasn’t really a big deal for Stefan who I was just flying through mostly as a review of the phonics, but with Olivia who I am starting with I have to cut some of the lessons in half… Anyway, small point. It’s a well laid out program, easy to use, and the kids are loving it and really learning. I also took your heads up on the fluency sheet and made those interesting/with occasional snacks, etc, from the get-go so my kids have had no problem with them.

    • Oh, that’s wonderful to hear! And very smart on how you’ve used the fluency sheets. 🙂

      I think I hadn’t really noticed the varying lesson length in 1 because, like Stafan, G flew through it. Many days he’d do two or three lessons, so one long one didn’t make any impact. They’re easy enough to break into smaller lessons though, which we are doing some in level 3 now that things are getting more difficult for him.


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