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Book Review WorkShift by Anne BogelI have always appreciated Anne Bogel’s writing at Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her take on what it means to be a woman, wife, and mother in today’s society. So when I learned she was writing an ebook on creating a better blend of work, life, and family, I could hardly wait to read it.

And happily, WorkShift is well worth the wait. And well worth your time reading.

Anne gives a brief synopsis of her story, and how she and her husband came to do “share care” with their four children. But the book is not merely Anne’s story.

There is some fascinating historical background to the new cultural trend in which she’s participating, and how it benefits kids and parents both.

Helpfully, once you’ve read about the benefits of this new trend and are excited to see how to implement it in your own life, Anne includes a section on the foundations that you’ll need to be successful. Much of it is obvious; chores and meals and other logistical matters, but the sort of thing that could otherwise quickly derail your attempts to create your new work/life blend if not addressed.

One of my favorite parts of the book is all of the examples of women in different seasons manage a successful work/life blend. It was fascinating to see the different variations that are being used, and it helped give me ideas of what later seasons in life might look like for our family.

I wasn’t sure how applicable the book would be to my life – for various reasons, my husband and I won’t be taking part in any of the true share care arrangements as depicted in the book (at least for the near future). Even so, I found the book very inspiring and motivating – there are things I can be doing right now – even with a nursing baby and preschooler virtually always underfoot. The section on how to squeeze in more work was written for those on parent duty, so all of the tips included there were relevant and occasionally convicting. (I am not good about enforcing rest time, or always being ready to work when it’s work time.)

I wish I’d been able to read this book when I was in college, so I could plan ahead a little better for a career that would give more flexibility and the potential to take advantage of the different seasons and options for work .

Even if you are single or childless, I think the book has something to offer. It’s not just about “how do we juggle work and childcare.” It’s about creating a life that blends all aspects of your life in a way that works.

Work Shift: How to Create a Better Blend of Work, Life, and Family is available as a PDF, or for your Kindle or Kindle app

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  1. Great review! Sounds like what mine will say: I wasn’t sure how applicable it would be for me right now, but found it surprisingly relevant!

    • I was quite impressed at how she managed to keep it relevant even if you weren’t trying to juggle work and childcare. Yes, there was more that would be relevant if you had children, but there was still good info if you didn’t.


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