September 2016 Recap

September RecapI feel like I was super slow with reading in September – I got a bit bogged down by Burial Rites (it was so sad! A great book, but it took me ages to get through), and then Harry Potter #7 also took awhile.

It was still a great month though: mostly nice weather, homeschooling was going well, and I had a great event the final weekend of September that I was anticipating all month.

September 2016 in Stats

Books Read This Month: 9
Books Read For The Year: 65

Things That Happened
  • Book club retreat!
  • In the Facebook book club we discussed Burial Rites
  • G went to his first Cub Scouts meetings
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • Lots of soccer, and it’s (mostly) fun seeing them both play.
  • Getting texts from R the Saturday I was at the retreat, telling me every time the kids scored a goal. They each scored three goals (!), so clearly I need to go out of town more often. It was by far their highest-scoring games.
What’s Cooking
  • Amazing food at the book club dinner party and retreat. There are some really good cooks in my book club.
  • I made a *fantastic* Sunday dinner before heading out of town – steak, shallot sauce, pan roasted green beans, and scalloped potatoes. Unbelievably good!
What I’m Anticipating in October
  • Book club – Harry Potter #s 1 – 7 for my in-person book club and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in the Facebook group.
  • My mother-in-law will be visiting. Yay!
  • Halloween – I need to get moving on costumes.
  • Belt testing, again. Going for Red for G and Purple for H. At least I assume they’ll both be ready to test mid-month.
  • The end of soccer.
Books I Read
    1. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows
    2. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
    3. Burial Rites
    4. The Cruelest Month
    5. Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures
    6. Dancing Home
    7. Women Heroes of World War II: The Pacific Theater
    8. Girl Waits with Gun
    9. Death on the Sapphire

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