September 2017 Recap

September was filled with activity, just like August had been. Maybe I should just accept that that’s what our days look like now. The big news for September was that I had surgery at the end of the month. I’m hoping that’s the end of it and nothing else needs to happen pending biopsy results.

The Month in Stats

Books Read This Month: 24
Books Read This Year: 172

Things That Happened

  • Book club – Garden Spells for my in-person book club and Plainsong in the Facebook group.
  • Cub Scouts began for real (along with popcorn sales), and H started Daisy Scouts.
  • Lots of soccer games and G attended a goalie clinic. He seems to like playing goalie.
  • My in-laws came for a planned visit, a little earlier than originally planned (thanks to that surgery) so they could take care of my kids while I was in the hospital and recovering.
  • Awana resumed. G is a T&T and that structure is MOTIVATING him. Also, he is thrilled that he’s now considered old enough to be released without me officially “claiming” him – he’s allowed to come and find me as I am in the line to pick one or the other of his sisters. Plus, the T&T group had a game night on Friday night at the end of the month and it was two hours of Capture the Flag and Dodge Ball. He loved it.

What’s Cooking

  • Egg salad for me for lunch one day, and it made me wonder why I don’t make that more often for lunch.
  • I have found the BEST bar recipe. It’s actually more of a template, and a big part of why it’s the best is because it uses melted butter, so even if I have forgotten I need to bake something until the last second, no worries! I can make this recipe. At some point, I’ll probably make a real post about it and share the base of it, and then you too can use it as a jumping off point.

What I’m Anticipating in October

  • Book club retreat! Hopefully anyway, assuming I’ve recovered enough from surgery. I have a post-op appointment that morning, and will get the all-clear to go or not.
  • The end of soccer. G has a round-robin tournament, so he’s guaranteed at least two games. His team’s record isn’t great, but they’ve gotten better as the season progressed, so I’m not sure how to gauge their potential in the tournament.
  • Belt testing again. G goes for 1st degree decided black belt (!) and H goes for red belt(!)
  • My inlaws wrap up their visit and head back to Arizona, and I’ll try to get back into homeschooling routine after our fall break during their visit and my recovery.
  • Book club – It’s the Jane Eyre flight for my in-person book club and Funny in Farsi in the Facebook group.

Books I Read in September

I shared the list of books I read in a recent post.

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  1. Oh Sheila! I didn’t know you were having surgery. I hope that everything goes smoothly with your recovery. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    • Thanks Catherine! I’m doing really well now, although today is only my first day on my own with the kids post-surgery. My inlaws just left this morning!

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