September Recap

September RecapI didn’t read much in September – I was trying to write ahead for the upcoming 31 Days series, prepping for vacation, taking vacation, starting a new session of my writing group, and starting homeschooling.

I was also dealing with sick kids and a sick me for a bit as well, so all in all my reading time was taken up by other things. Mostly good things (except for that stomach bug) at least!

The Month in Stats

Books Read Last Month: 10. Yes, 10.
Books Read For The Year: 181

Best Things I Read

Things That Happened
  • We went to the beach! We met my parents and my brother and his family for a week on the Atlantic. I didn’t announce it ahead of time or while we were gone, because I always feel weird about doing that. I also feel weird about not admitting it though, but I’ll take that weird feeling over the other.
  • I started “homeschooling” my son. I use quotes, because he is 4, so it’s not like we’re doing anything significant. But I am being a little more intentional with some things, both what we do and when we do it. Routines you know?
  • Both kids started Awana again. We’ve switched locations, and the new one has a program for two year olds, so H gets to join in. I’m not really sure how different it is than the Bible lesson they had in the nursery last year for her, but whatever. I’m actually glad to have it be more formal as far as registration – I feel like now she’s guaranteed a spot, whereas last year there were times when she couldn’t go to the nursery. While they’re in their classes, I’m participating in a Bible study. And my husband? Is enjoying peace and quiet at home alone. 🙂
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • You mean besides the beach? Ok, how about my kiddos playing in the sand at the beach. They love their sandbox, but it’s fairly small and they can’t always both play the way they want to in there without bumping into the other one. Not a problem when the whole beach is available.
  • Also beach-related, but we learned what to look for to dig up conch shells. As in, shells that still have their mollusks inside them. Super cool once we figured it out, and the kids had a lot of fun digging them up, and then reburying them. I was just hoping that we weren’t doing permanent damage to them all in our version of catch-and-release.
  • My mother-in-law was here very unexpectedly when her mom had to go into the hospital. We didn’t see her much (because her mom was in the hospital on the other side of the state), but I did drive the kids over there one afternoon to see her a bit. She also came over to our house once her mom was out of the hospital and settled at home again.
  • I also got to meet up with a blogging friend when she came into town for a conference. I didn’t go to the conference, but met her for dinner the one evening.
What’s Cooking
  • Blueberry crisp for book club. And a bunch of other recipes from Bread & Wine, but the only one I made was the crisp. Such a great night with so much deliciousness.
  • Planning for more cooking and baking this fall. I hate cooking during the summer, and am always so happy for cooler temperatures to arrive and usher in soup season. And casseroles and other dishes like that, since I generally don’t fix them in summer either..
What I’m Anticipating in October
  • Reading more fiction. I’ve been binging a bit on the nonfiction, trying to finalize my picks for the upcoming series. Considering how little reading I did in September, perhaps I should just change this to “reading more.”
  • Halloween. I am not crafty or creative when it comes to costumes, so I’m on the hunt for some that will double up as good dress-up options the rest of the year.
  • Retreat for book club. I know – what kind of book club does that? This one does, on its 5th anniversary at least. Two nights together to talk and eat and rest – it sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?
  • 31 Days. I’m excited to see what other series are shared this year – last year I discovered some wonderful blogs through it, and I hope for the same this year. I’ve already heard about several great series that are in the works, and I’m excited to read them.

(Posting this early because October’s posting calendar is booked up with nonfiction, so it’s always possible that today I’ll somehow manage to finish an extra book. I’ll edit the total if that happens, but as it stands now, I’ve finished 10 as of late evening on the 29th, and don’t think I’m close to finishing another book by the end of the day tomorrow.)

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy month. I love going to the beach. I recently moved from FL to PA, and it is weird not to be close to the beach.

  2. 10 books in a month seems like a lot to me! I’m still trying to get my attention span back from grad school (it’s been 2 years, it’s ridiculous). I’m lucky if I can totally finish one or two!

    • I should have explained more – 10 books a month is a little low for me in general, but it’s very low when I was expecting it to be more because I was on vacation for a week – usually I get through a bunch of books when I’m traveling and this trip I didn’t. At all. So *that’s* why I was so surprised by the total of 10.

  3. A retreat for a book club – how fantastic! That sounds like fun.

    I have been mourning the loss of interest in our two buckets of costumes. The boys are just getting to that stage where they don’t really care to dress up and when they do, they only select the long druid-like costume. I have all kinds of things in there: Mickey Mouse fire-fighter outfits, a homemade Tellatubby Po costume, an Asian outfit, and a Pokémon blob-like outfit. I should get around to selling them on Craigslist or something (although the Po costume will never sell and my mother-in-law put such time and love into it).

    Hope your October is healthier and even better than your September. Looking forward to your series (just finished reading the Hinckley Firestorm book you recommended – awesome).


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