The Spirit Rebellion (The Legend of Eli Monpress series, #2)

The Spirit RebellionThe Spirit RebellionThe Spirit Rebellion (The Legend of Eli Monpress series book #2) by Rachel Aaron by Rachel Aaron

This is the second book in the Eli Monpress series (I reviewed the first, The Spirit Thief, last year).

Even though Miranda is featured on the cover, this is still Eli’s series and he features prominently in the story. I’m glad that Miranda does too though – I really liked her in the last book and enjoyed their interactions with one another. In that sense, I missed that the two of them didn’t have as much time together in this book. They were each thinking about the other one (especially as Miranda was charged with catching him. Again.), but there wasn’t much opportunity for them to needle one another.

As with the first book, this one still works as a stand-alone novel, but you’ll enjoy it more if you read The Spirit Thief first. And if you don’t, and try to go back and read the first book later, you’ll have definitely spoiled yourself as far as some situations in book one!

Recommended for fantasy fans (the whole series is).

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Publisher’s Description:
Eli Monpress is brilliant. He’s incorrigible. And he’s a thief.

He’s also still at large, which drives Miranda Lyonette crazy. While she’s been kicked out of the Spirit Court, Eli’s had plenty of time to plan his next adventure. But now the tables have turned, because Miranda has a new job — and an opportunity to capture a certain thief.

Things are about to get exciting for Eli. He’s picked a winner for his newest heist. His target: the Duke of Gaol’s famous “thief-proof” citadel. Eli knows Gaol is a trap, but what’s life without challenges? Except the Duke is one of the wealthiest men in the world, a wizard who rules his duchy with an iron fist, and an obsessive perfectionist with only one hobby: Eli.

It seems that everyone is hunting for Eli Monpress.

Book Details

Title: The Spirit RebellionThe Spirit Rebellion (The Legend of Eli Monpress series book #2) by Rachel Aaron
Author: Rachel Aaron
Category: Fiction / Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars

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  1. It is so silly that this book is about Eli, but Miranda is on the cover. I guess the YA industry’s love of covers that are predominately a girl’s face still rings true.

    • I was assuming it was because of the overall series – Eli is on the first cover, Miranda gets the second, someone else got the third …

      Except that breaks down a bit because covers 4 & 5 don’t have that same style. They could have had it work for #4 easily, although #5 they probably should have gone back to Eli.

      Although I’m no designer so my opinions on cover design shouldn’t carry much weight at all. 🙂


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