Books for Strengthening My Faith and Teaching My Children

Books to Strengthen My Faith and Teach My Children about JesusYesterday I highlighted some of the cookbooks, menu plans, and other kitchen resources found in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Today I’m mentioning the faith-related resources it includes – all of them, because they’re all wonderful!

(And if you’re wondering, yes, I bought a bundle for myself – so I’ve skimmed all of the books, and am excited to dive into them all more carefully.)

Faith Resources For Me

Abide Because It's the Secret to ThrivingAbide: Because It’s the Secret to Thriving by Elisa Pulliam

I used to have a well-established quiet time routine. And then I had kids. 😉 After adding each child to the family getting back into the quiet time routine has been something I’ve had to work at. I still don’t have it down again after baby #3, and I’m going to try to work through this book to get back into the habit. Ten days – I can do this.

Life GiverLife Giver by Lara Williams

I love Lara Williams’ Bible Studies, and this is no exception. Four weeks, so it’s an easily manageable length, and on a great topic – I can’t wait to dive into this.

Live for HimLive for Him: A Grace-Filled Look at Planning by Leigh Ann Dutton

I love planning. Love love love it. This is a great (brief) guide to planning. It’s got just enough detail to help you during your planning session, without so much extraneous fluff that wastes your time. There are also lots of helpful printables at the end of it, including a Bible reading plan with a different setup than others I’ve seen – I liked it quite a bit! It also has enough color to make it pretty, but not so much that I hate printing it and using up all my color ink.

Strengthening the Heart of a HomemakerStrengthening the Heart of a Homemaker: A Devotional Guide for Your Homemaking Journey by Kristen Smith

A nice collection of scriptures thematically arranged by homemaking topic. There are 52 verses, and printable scripture cards for them all. The additional content is fairly thin though.

Trust without BordersTrust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in GodTrust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to  Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God by Arabah Joy by Arabah Joy

I skimmed all of the books mentioned today, so I could share about them. Except as soon as I started reading the introduction to this one, I was pulled into it and didn’t stop until I was halfway through it. It’s really engaging and thought-provoking, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it to give it the focus it deserves.

Faith Resources To Use With My Children

31 Ways to Bless Kids with Bold FaithBlessing Kids with Bold Faith: 31 Ways to Equip Kids by Melinda Means & Kathy Helgemo

31 inspiring ideas, many of which will work with all ages (my kids are still a little young for some of them, but we’ll be there soon enough). Even if my children’s aren’t old enough for some of these suggestions to apply, I enjoyed reading it and appreciated the push to think about what I can do now, and what I want to do later.

Discipleship a Character Curriculum Using ScriptureDiscipleship: A Character Curriculum Using Scripture by Dollie Freeman

This is an extensive resource on character training, using verses directly from the Bible. It can work with children of almost all ages – from basic copywork with younger ones, to a Bible Study and Prayer Journal for older ones. It could even work with pre-writers as memory work. It’s even got an assignement schedule to use it as a curriculum – one, two, or three-year plans of 36 weeks each.

(The only thing I don’t love about it? All the verses are KJV, and I prefer the ESV. It’s still a fabulous resource, and one I can adapt easily enough to use our preferred translation.)

How to Introduce Your Child to JesusHow to Introduce Your Child to Jesus by Jessica Smartt

This is packed with practical, easy-to-follow steps, and it’s also got a great resource list (you know I love books, and book lists.) My favorite part (besides those resource lists) is the chapter on making your child’s faith personal – with ideas on how to do that based on your child’s personality. Tailoring those teachable moments to my individual child, with ideas for what that looks like? Thank you!

The Busy Mom's Guide to Teaching CharacterThe Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character by Jenn Thorson

Lots of good information (and a great reminder of the why to teach character starts the book). You’ll want internet access to take advantage of the linked articles she points back to from her blog. Also included are 20 printable scripture character prayer cards. There is an extensive list of suggested resources at the end, which is fantastic.

Sound good? Individually these books would sell for over $50, but right now they’re part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, a collection of eBooks, eCourses, audios, online conferences, and printable packs.

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Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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