New Book Love: Reading People by Anne Bogel

Cover for Reading People by Anne BogelReading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything by Anne Bogel

Reading People is a general overview of several personality frameworks (think Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, plus several others). It includes plenty of examples of how understanding that framework has helped Bogel in her personal life, or in the lives of people she knows.

The strength of the book is in those personal examples. You can get an overview of the personality systems online, but reading about how someone has used that information is much more helpful.

In that sense, it reminded me a bit of a Gretchen Rubin book (like The Happiness Project), where she has distilled research down, and tried applying it to her life, then sharing the results. In this case, Bogel is distilling each personality typing system down to a quick summary, with a reference section pointing you to more information on each system.

I appreciated the book’s structure: each chapter discusses one personality-typing system, and it was easy to read it in chunks. It also manages to make some of the more complicated systems (cognitive functions, enneagram) understandable.

While this is the sort of book that I am in general pre-disposed to like, I thought it was very well done and enjoyed it tremendously. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get an overview of the various personality typing systems, and some ideas of how to use that knowledge to improve their own life.

And on a completely shallow note, the physical book is really pretty! It’s got a beautiful gold spine that looks so nice on my bookshelves.

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Publisher’s Description:
If the viral Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes are any indication, we are collectively obsessed with the idea of defining and knowing ourselves and our unique place in the world. But what we’re finding is this: knowing which Harry Potter character you are is easy, but actually knowing yourself isn’t as simple as just checking a few boxes on an online quiz.

For readers who long to dig deeper into what makes them uniquely them (and why that matters), popular blogger Anne Bogel has done the hard part–collecting, exploring, and explaining the most popular personality frameworks, such as Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, and others. She explains to readers the life-changing insights that can be gained from each and shares specific, practical real-life applications across all facets of life, including love and marriage, productivity, parenting, the workplace, and spiritual life. In her friendly, relatable style, Bogel shares engaging personal stories that show firsthand how understanding personality can revolutionize the way we live, love, work, and pray.

Disclosure: I was sent a pre-release copy of the book, but I also bought my own copy (and passed it along to a friend). I was not required to write a positive review, and the pre-release copy had no impact on my opinion on the book. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting The Deliberate Reader!

How She Does It

A brief heads-up: if you’ve been reading this blog since I started, this post may sound familiar. I reviewed Anne’s book when it was first released under the original title, and it was one of my first posts here. Most of that review is just being re-posted here as it’s the cover and title that have changed, not the content. Also, Anne has become a friend of mine since I originally reviewed the book (part of why I didn’t change the review), but since I’m highlighting the book today as it’s free to celebrate it’s launch, I am assuming my biases in her favor are balanced out by the fact that you can grab the book for no cost. Just don’t wait – it’ll be back to $4.99 on Thursday.

How She Does ItHow She Does It: An everywoman’s guide to breaking old rules, getting creative, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.How She Does It: An everywoman's guide to breaking old rules, getting creative, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life. by Anne Bogel by Anne Bogel

I have always appreciated Anne Bogel’s writing at Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her take on what it means to be a woman, wife, and mother in today’s society. So when I learned she was writing an ebook on creating a better blend of work, life, and family, I could hardly wait to read it. And happily, it’s is well worth the wait. And well worth your time reading.

Anne gives a brief synopsis of her story, and how she and her husband came to do “share care” with their four children. But the book is not merely herstory.

There is some fascinating historical background to the new cultural trend in which she’s participating, and how it benefits kids and parents both.

Helpfully, once you’ve read about the benefits of this new trend and are excited to see how to implement it in your own life, Anne includes a section on the foundations that you’ll need to be successful. Much of it is obvious; chores and meals and other logistical matters, but the sort of thing that could otherwise quickly derail your attempts to create your new work/life blend if not addressed.

One of my favorite parts of the book is all of the examples of women in different seasons manage a successful work/life blend. It was fascinating to see the different variations that are being used, and it helped give me ideas of what later seasons in life might look like for our family.

I wasn’t sure how applicable the book would be to my life – for various reasons, my husband and I won’t be taking part in any of the true share care arrangements as depicted in the book (at least for the near future). Even so, I found the book very inspiring and motivating – there are things I can be doing right now – even with a nursing baby and preschooler virtually always underfoot. The section on how to squeeze in more work was written for those on parent duty, so all of the tips included there were relevant and occasionally convicting. (I am not good about enforcing rest time, or always being ready to work when it’s work time.)

I wish I’d been able to read this book when I was in college, so I could plan ahead a little better for a career that would give more flexibility and the potential to take advantage of the different seasons and options for work.

Even if you are single or childless, I think the book has something to offer. It’s not just about “how do we juggle work and childcare.” It’s about creating a life that blends all aspects of your life in a way that works.

Publisher’s Description:
Today’s working woman looks a lot like you.

She’s a:
• stay-at-home mom, working on her passion at naptime
• a part-time professional sharing childcare with her husband
• a full-time creative planning a future on her own schedule

She’s a woman – like you – with the opportunity to find fulfilling and profitable work without the mother guilt of previous generations. The possibilities are endless for today’s woman in this shifting work place – but the roadmap for getting there hasn’t quite been written.

Until now.

In How She Does It, author Anne Bogel unpacks these trends in family & work culture, and gets to the core of HOW you can make your work goals fit into your unique family situation.

Inside, you’ll find the personal success stories of 30 women who found – by playing to their unique strengths– solutions that really work for their families.

How She Does It will show you how to:
• Explore options for the shape of your work life, and plan ahead even before there’s a husband or kids in the picture.
• Abandon old limitations on home life demands leftover from previous generations.
• Embrace this changing landscape where it’s easier than ever to find time to work and be there for your family.
• Squeeze in more work hours without increasing childcare.
• Overcome common barriers like a tentative husband or a seemingly inflexible boss.
• Set priorities for your personal, budgetary, and family goals.
• Create a plan for your unique family situation.
• Adapt your work and family rhythms to the changing seasons of life.
• Meet other women like you who have walked the path of blending work and family–and succeeded.

How She Does It is the roadmap you’ve been looking for – packed to the brim with the creative solutions, encouragement, and resources you need to make a plan that works in the actual, every day life of your family.

A Heads-Up/Reminder

If you bought the book when it was originally released under the title Work Shift, this isn’t new content – while I still got a free copy with the new title and cover (and because it was a Kindle copy, unlike the PDF I had before), I don’t want anyone to mistakenly pay for a copy of this thinking it’s something new, if they’ve already purchased the book under the old title.

Disclosure: I received a preview copy of the original ebook Work Shift to review, however all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting The Deliberate Reader!

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