Life Lately: Oils and Adult Coloring Books and Bookcases

Catching up on what’s been going on around here

I assume you’ve seen this around online already, but if you have been considering trying Young Living oils, this is the month to jump in – premium starter kits are 10% off. It’s really really rare for them to put the kits on sale, so grab this while you can.

February 2016 oil promotion

My first coloring party is scheduled for March, and while it did need to be scheduled out that far, I am impatiently waiting for it. Yes, it’s mostly an excuse to just get out and have a kid-free night and hang out with friends. Is there a problem with that? I’m hoping it’s the first of many, because I’m thinking this will be a great socialization method for an introvert. Ha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Choose Your Coloring Book

I bought two new bookcases, because Legos + puzzles + school books were taking over my life. They’re red, because I wanted to try something new + that was the best deal. Right now they’re in the dining room, but I may rearrange things more and see where they work best. No, I won’t win any decorating awards, but really? Bookcases were not the only things keeping that from happening. ๐Ÿ™‚

The bookcases are assembled (because that was slow enough, thanks to three kids who were not much help, especially that littlest one) but I still haven’t gotten things into them. Hoping to get to that soon, because the current setup is driving me bonkers.

I feel like I’ve been reading a ton, but it’s almost all kids’ books – I’ve finished very few adult titles. Partly that’s because I am reading so many kids’ books, but some of it is just … I don’t know. A reading slump? Resistance because I have so many books I “should” be reading? I’m not sure, but I’m ready to break out of it.

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Responses to the Reader Survey, part 2

The Deliberate Reader 2015 Reader SurveyFind part one of the responses here.

I like that you don’t *love* every book you read.

Well I’d love it if that weren’t the case (grin), but unfortunately I do sometimes pick up books that are disappointing. What’s not going to change is that I’ll tell you all what I think about the book, good or bad.

Guest posts or interviews with authors / booksellers / bookbinders?

Another really fun idea. I’ve done two author interviews but they were way back when I first started my blog, and since then I haven’t put forth the time it takes to find willing individuals. Realistically, that probably won’t change for 2016, as my priorities are going towards the online book clubs I’m running and co-running.

(The likely only exception: if a friend publishes a book during the year.)

Although I’d love it if this weren’t the case – I do love this idea, and would like to figure out a way to make it happen!

The road to getting published. All the ins and outs and whether agents are needed, cover letters, and how finished the submission needs to be.

My knowledge of this is limited, but everything I’ve heard says to read the most recent copies of Writer’s Market and/or Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents. Most libraries should have at least one of these, if not both. They should be able to answer those questions for you more reliably than I can.

Posting for new authors – Giving indie authors a venue to display their work

While I like the idea of supporting new & indie authors, I’m not sure this is the right setting for that sort of thing. I don’t want to have it be completely open, because some books are decidedly NOT what I want to showcase, and I can’t begin to keep up with the pace of reading that would be required to make something like that a regular feature.

Finally, there’s already an update to the last response. There were some requests about organizing the archives, and making it easier to find books sorted by my recommendation or rating. Last month I said I was adding a star tag to new reviews, and slowly going through old posts and adding it. That would then let you go to a listing of posts with particular tags.

Since then I’ve discovered some coding shortcuts and realize the possibilities they’re going to provide. It’ll still be based on the star rating tag, but it’s going to all go on a page – no clicking through pages at a time. Once I get it fully working I’ll be sure and make a bigger announcement, so consider this just a hey-this-is-coming teaser. I *think* it’s going to be great. I’m working on it as quickly as I can, so hopefully I can make that announcement soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again to everyone who responded – I read all your comments, and there may be future posts inspired by them. I’m also still hoping to do a post soon getting into some of the specifics of your favorite types of books, etc.

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Responses to the Reader Survey, part 1

The Deliberate Reader 2015 Reader SurveyI’ve been enjoying reading your survey responses, and have some responses of my own to what you’ve been asking or telling me. There will be at least one other post with additional responses, as this one was getting way too long already.

[A] new way to archive reviews


I’ve been wishing for a feature where I can find books sorted by your recommendation or rating! … Sometimes I don’t know at all what I’m after, but I just want a good read. ๐Ÿ™‚

That is a really good idea, and what I’m doing moving forward is tagging all of my review posts with the star rating, so you can find all “5 Star” books etc. in one area. It’s not fully functional yet – I’ve only added this tag to my new posts and the ones that are linked back in the “previously” area, but I’ll work on getting earlier posts tagged this way.

It’s not perfect, but it’s manageable for me, so I hope it’ll help you. Another option is if you’re my friend on Goodreads I *think* you should be able to see my bookshelves and sort my books by rating there – and that’ll have lots more possibilities for you than I’ve shared on the blog.

As you wait for me to get those tags more widely used so they’ll be more useful, if you like nonfiction, both of my 31 Days series feature books I recommend – here’s 2012’s series, and here’s 2013’s.

(Another less-than-perfect option is the “recommended” and “highly recommended” tags. Those are incomplete – I started using them and then forgot to continue. I’m also trying to update posts to include them, but it’s also a work in progress.)

If anyone has an other ideas as to how I can arrange the archives to make it easier to find books, I’d love to hear them! I love how Modern Mrs Darcy has individual book pages that then link back to where those books are mentioned (like this example), but don’t want to copy her idea.

I’m French, and I’m surprised as to how little foreign books you read. There’s a whole world of stories out there to discover ! Maybe you could do themed reading so readers can share your experience ๐Ÿ™‚

If you mean how few books I read in languages other than English, that’s because my language skills are poor and I really only know English. And as much as I’m trying to teach myself Spanish via Duolingo, I don’t think I’ll be reading much in anything other than English in the near future.

But I assume you are talking about translated books, and you’re right: I still read very few. Thinking about why, I realized that I don’t really think about searching for any, to make the effort to get them on my reading list. And thinking about why I don’t, I realized that I have this impression that the only foreign-language books that get translated into English are literary fiction, which is not my favorite.

Clearly this is a big gap in my reading area, but I’d be happy to take suggestions. Middle-brow books decidedly welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I would also like more conversation about classics. The ones worth my time and the ones not.

Another big gap in my reading, because of that middle-brow taste I have, and feelings of frustration with many of the classics I have read. I like your idea though, of how to frame it, and I’m adding this idea to my “blog possibilities” list.

Books to movies might be interesting.

I love the idea, but considering that I watch maybe one movie a year I’m probably not the best blogger for this. Although you’ve got me wondering if I could make it a regular feature and pull in some guest bloggers for it. Hmmm. Also going onto my “blog possibilities” list.

How the heck you read so many books while simultaneously homeschooling…seriously, how do you do that?!

Well, like I said in the answer above I watch maybe one movie a year. I watch very little television either (of any form – regular tv, netflix, etc.). My free time goes to reading and blogging.

Plus homeschooling at this age doesn’t really impact my free time – it all happens when I’m taking care of the other two anyway, so it’s not like I’d be reading or doing anything else then anyway. So far homeschooling only really impacts my reading time when it comes to me obsessing over curriculum options in the name of “research”. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also written three posts that discuss this – Finding More Time to Read (Part 1), Finding More Time to Read (Part 2), and Reading Multiple Books at a Time.

Do book clubs send you their lists for the year?

No, I only know my own book club’s reading list. But that would be fun if other clubs did! If anyone is in a book club and would like to share their’s I’d love to read it (maybe I could make it a link up?)

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Homeschooling Update: Finished Our Awana Year

Sparks HangGlider HandbookLast week we wrapped up our Awana year, and unlike last year when I was kind of sad to see it end this year I am so ready for the break. It was much harder this year with three kids, and the late bedtime that those evenings always brought.

That said, it was a good year – G loved being a Spark, and loved memorizing his verses. He flew through his book and was thrilled to earn all of his “gems.” He already is looking forward to next year’s book. I was really impressed with how hard he worked at it, and how much he took ownership of learning his verses. Every day I might have to remind him to work on them, but that was it – he’d grab his book and go. (Well, once his reading got to the point where he could do that. Initially I had to read the verse to him the first time, and occasionally throughout the year there might be a word or two he’d need help with initially.)

Cubbies HoneyComb HandbookH didn’t like being a Cubbie as much, and I’m reminding myself that G didn’t always enjoy his first year either. However, there was one week where G wasn’t going, and I gave her the option of going or staying home and she was insistent that she wanted to go. So it must not have been that bad for her, even if she did have some issues some weeks.

I’m still not sure what we’ll do next year. We could return to the same place, or I could look for another Awana program. I think H might do better somewhere else (because of those unspecified issues mentioned above), but G really likes where he is. I would kind of like to move to a Sunday night program, instead of the Wednesday night one we’re on, so that would be a reason to switch programs. Decisions, decisions.

All in all though, I’m really happy that we’ve found Awana, and am glad my kids participate in it. It’s been a great program for them, and a nice supplement to our homeschooling year!

April 2015 Recap

April RecapI read a bunch in March, and started April the same way. Then I got bogged down in a couple of longer books, and ended up finishing very few titles. Or at least it seemed like very few titles compared to what I thought I might get through as of the beginning of the month!

April 2015 in Stats

Books Read Last Month: 8
Books Read For The Year: 42

Things That Happened
  • Baseball started for my son! He’s on the Pirates team, as he will happily tell anyone who gives him the slightest opportunity. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Belt testing for both kids, and they both passed. G is now a senior orange belt, and H has her blue tot belt.
  • Easter was lots of fun – the kids loved hunting eggs, and then they got to hunt them again at their great aunt’s house. And go to a super fun playground near her home.
  • The guys went to the Mythbusters tour as I mentioned last month. They loved it! G was so astonished that the guys from the TV show were there – in person – right there!!
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • Seeing both kids belt test. They’ve come so far!
  • Taxes done. Filed. Refunds received. Relief.
  • Watching my son’s first baseball game. He’s so stinking cute out there.
  • Watching both kids fly through the air on the bungee jump thing at opening day. They had a blast!
  • G bungee jump

What’s Cooking
  • Pot roast. The roast itself got a tiny bit dried out, but it still tasted so good. And the carrots were phenomenal, as were the mashed potatoes and asparagus.
  • Pot roast leftovers to turn into pot pie. Can’t wait to have this (it’s in the freezer right now, hopefully going to make my life easy one night.)
  • Cherry pie for my husband’s birthday. Possibly the ugliest pie I’ve ever made thanks to the “help” with the crust that made it extra challenging, so it’s fortunate that he cares more about how the pie tastes than how the crust looks. ๐Ÿ™‚
What Iโ€™m Anticipating Next Month
  • My birthday. It’s another bittersweet one, with all sorts of emotions related to losing my brother. I’ll be turning the age he was when he died, and since he died only about 6 weeks after his birthday it won’t be long before I’ll become older than he ever was. Such a strange feeling.
  • H’s birthday – she’s turning FOUR. FOUR! Which, yay for that because I like four better than three, at least based on my parenting experiences so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • VBS. Glorious, wonderful VBS.
  • (don’t ask me why I wrote those as “anticipating next month.” They don’t happen until June. Apparently I was extra-sleep deprived when I put together this post, and didn’t even notice it until I started writing May’s recap.)

Books I Read

Asterisks mark ones I especially enjoyed. [Read more…]

A Day in the (Homeschool) Life

Linking up with Sonlight’s monthly blog. April’s prompt: Share a day in the life of your family. What does your familyโ€™s homeschool schedule look like?

Witching Hour7:30 My son brings me the baby. This is one of his favorite things to do, so if she’s not crying, I often will leave her in her crib for him to wake up and get her out. She gets fed while I talk with her brother and wait for her sister to wake up.

8:00 Downstairs, to fix breakfast for everyone. First up is tea for me. The kids watch a 30 minute show until I finish drinking a second cup, then we all go back upstairs to get dressed for the day. Upstairs chores as well – make beds, start a load of laundry.

Reading9:00 Downstairs to get started on the day for real this time. Into the playroom to do school. We’ll start with our Bible reading, and then we’ll alternate picks. I pick Sonlight books, and check things off in our IG as I finish them. We do not ever follow it exactly. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also move the laundry over when I hear it buzz that the wash cycle has finished.

10:00 We’ve moved on to game time – my son alternates reading a section of his AAR lesson with playing a game. Once he finishes the AAR lesson, he’ll do his math the same way. A page of math, another game, then another page of math. The baby has also gone down for a nap, although it’s always questionable if she’ll sleep or not.

Math11:00 Wrapping up the last game now, and it’s time to go get the baby and get her changed and all of us ready to leave for my daughter’s taekwondo class. They used to both be in the same class, but my son aged out of it and is now in the “regular” classes, instead of the tot classes. It’s better for him, but a lot more time spent by me waiting and watching.

12:00 Class just ended, and now it’s our usual Monday routine – picking up lunch somewhere and bringing it home! Today is my son’s turn to pick, and he wants Arby’s.

Waiting at TKD1:00 Finishing up lunch cleanup, and then I get help folding laundry and putting it away. I’m trying to stretch things out with everyone so quiet time starts when the baby is ready to go down for her nap. That helps guarantee a real break for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

2:00 Quiet time for the big kids, naptime for the baby. It was my daughter’s turn to pick which room she wanted to be in for quiet time, and she picked the play room. My son then chose to be in the TV room (the TV isn’t on, but that’s still their name for the room). He’s got a Lego set in there with him which should keep him busy, or else he’ll work his way through a stack of puzzles.

Reading Lesson3:00 Snack time! They both know how to read the clock to tell if it’s snack time. This helps prevent every-five-minute queries of “can I have a snack?” I dole out some snacks and send them outside to play.

4:00 Still outside, although they’re in and out frequently. The baby is up and we’re watching them from the front room until it’s time to get ready to go to my son’s taekwondo class. He’s responsible for making sure he has everything he needs for class – gear and uniform. He does a great job at it, and has never forgotten anything.

H playing with her friends5:00 G’s taekwondo class has just begun, and he’s thrilled that today I chose to drop him off (“like a big kid!”) and take the girls to the store around the corner. His class is 45 minutes, and if I hustle I can pick up enough to get us through the week. And if the checkout lines are long, well, there’s another class right after his and they don’t mind if he watches it for a few minutes until I get there to pick him up.

6:00 We’ve just arrived home and it’s time to unload the groceries and get dinner going. Right now I’m really wishing I’d put something in the crock pot this morning. Instead we’re having green chili enchiladas with black beans and rice. The kids both want to play a game on the computer and since it keeps them out of the way while I cook, I’m all for it. They’re alternating between a geography game, building a mummy, playing Barbie dress-up, and a race game. The first two are courtesy the links that come along with the Encyclopedia we’re reading as part of Core A.

Dinner7:00 Almost ready to eat. It got much easier to finish dinner once daddy got home at 6:30 and could take over with the baby. The kids are all back outside playing while daddy watches/joins in. Dinner won’t thrill them, and while in theory I’d have them try everything I already know this meal is too spicy for them. Instead they get leftovers and anything else I can easily scrounge together.

8:00 Wrapping up dinner clean up and setting up the dishwasher to run overnight. Then it’s time to get the baby ready for bed – she’s tired and getting cranky. The older two start their bedtime routine at 8:30, but daddy takes care of all of that.

Playing Games9:00 Kids are showered and pj’d. Now they’re playing a bit until it’s time to get in bed and turn out the lights. Time for me to get ready for bed.

10:00 This is my prime reading time, after the kids are all asleep. I just have to choose carefully lest I get sucked into a story and lose track of time!

11:00 Lights out, crossing my fingers that the baby sleeps through the night, and if she doesn’t that she’s quick to go back to sleep after eating!

Full disclosure: The pictures are pulled from several different days, as I’m not on the ball enough to get a full day’s worth taken in one day. They’re not staged at all (except for me arranging the books to show all the titles), and do represent what our days look like.


March 2015 Recap

March 2015 RecapMarch was a big reading month – big for me lately anyway. Ok, so it was almost all light, genre fiction, but still. I finished a lot of books. And it was awesome, except for that one night I stayed up until 1 AM. I really regretted that the next day.

March 2015 in Stats

Books Read Last Month: 16
Books Read For The Year: 34

Things That Happened
  • Taekwondo tournament – my daughter got a big medal (of course she did – she’s in the tot category, where I think everyone gets a big medal). And my son got a medal for coming in 3rd in his age division for forms.
  • Another follow-up with the pediatric dentist, and my daughter is still looking at a potential root canal. We’ll go back for another appointment in May, unless I notice problems before then.
  • The baby started sitting up on her own, although she still needs help getting into a sitting position. She’s still not crawling in the traditional way, but she can army crawl and scoot and roll around so much it doesn’t much matter that she doesn’t hands-and-knees crawl. She is on the move!
  • She’s also showing a lot more interest in real food – I’ve fed her some things now and then, but she’s never wanted more than a few bites. She’s still not as into it as her brother and sister were as babies, but she’s at least trying things.
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • Watching the kids at the taekwondo tournament. My son especially – he’s come so far from where he first started.
  • Baby girl sitting up – she’s growing up so fast!
  • My flowers peeping up. Love seeing my hard work planting bulbs paying off.
What’s Cooking
  • ANZAC biscuits, as already mentioned.
  • We ended the month with tacos, and they were so good. I can’t even claim much credit for them – it was meat, onions, and a sauce packet, cooked for a few hours. They were good the first night, and even better the next couple of days as leftovers. Yum!
What Iโ€™m Anticipating Next Month
  • Birthday season begins! My husband’s birthday kicks off all the family birthdays.
  • Partially for his birthday, and partially as an early birthday present for my son, they’re going to the Mythbusters Tour. G doesn’t know yet what they’re doing, only that he’s going to be doing something just with daddy. He’s super excited.
  • I really really really need to finish taxes and get them filed.
Books I Read

Asterisks mark ones I especially enjoyed. [Read more…]

7QT on Taekwondo Tournaments, Spring Flowers, Unexpected Sleep, and a Book Series Binge Read.

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

This post was supposed to run last Friday. Except I didn’t have it completely ready, and then I had sick kids and a sick husband all week. The baby wasn’t sleeping, so I wasn’t getting much sleep, and I had no time to even finish the post. So, no post last Friday, and here it is instead, revamped a bit and finished. This is why I always try to have my posts for the week done by Sunday evening – invariably when I don’t, life intervenes. ๐Ÿ™‚

— 2 —

The kids went to a taekwondo tournament last weekend. Despite wondering a bit if I was being a sucker for paying tournament registration fees for a 5 and 3 year old, I decided that I wanted to take advantage of the benefit that they can get used to it while they’re young and the stakes are low. One thing that homeschooling has not provided is as many opportunities for my son to get up in front of a crowd and perform if you will. Tournaments do that. So, for now at least we’re planning on doing one tournament a year.

And yes, I know there are homeschool programs that offer those sorts of opportunities. For various reasons we’re not doing Classical Conversations or some others, so we don’t have that built-in chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

I suppose I could have just had my son participate, but that would have devastated my daughter. She wants to do it too! So, yeah, she’s three and doing a tournament.

Almost ready for her group at the taekwondo tournament.

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— 3 —

Why did I pick this as our tournament for the year? Because it’s super close. No driving to another city, or even across town. It’s right down the street from where they usually do their lessons. The timing is also nice – not super early, not too late in the day. Really, it would hard for it to be more convenient.

— 4 —

On a happier note, guess what’s coming up in the yard? Flowers. Glorious flowers. They’re not too impressive yet, just little green sprigs peeking out, but I know what that means.

Love seeing flowers as they start to appear!

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— 5 —

Right before getting sick there was one night when the baby slept for TWELVE HOURS. TWELVE. CONSECUTIVE. HOURS. It was almost alarming it was so unexpected, and if I’d only known it would happen I could have taken advantage of it more. And then she caught that cold from her siblings and immediately followed up that wonderful night with nights of misery for both of us.

— 6 —

In this month’s Essential Rewards oils order, I’m getting lemon (to replace my empty bottle! Horrors – I ran completely out!), Stress Away (to try it out), frankincense (because I love it), Valor (because I love it), and a Breathe Again roll-on (to replace the one I gave my mother-in-law when she was visiting and stuffy).

Wait, what’s that you say? You don’t see lemon in the picture, but you do see lime? You are correct. They mistakenly sent me lime instead. I’ve contacted them and my lemon oil is on the way, but not here in time to be in the photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This month's essential rewards order #yleo #essentialoils #wisehouseoils

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— 7 —

This last week or so I’ve been on a tear reading this fantasy series. It’s not really that great, and yet I’m entertained enough by it that I keep borrowing the next one and then the next one. Reviews seem to indicate that books six and seven are letdowns, so I’m stopping at five – it seems like it wraps up most of the major plot points in a satisfying enough way, and that avoids the frustration of a dud number six and a disappointing number seven. If reviews are correct anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

Part of me is embarrassed at spending the reading time on this series, but mostly I realize that if the worst thing I do is spending some reading time reading brainless fiction, that’s not too bad. Especially since all of that reading time was either while snuggling a sick kid, or nursing the baby, neither of which are prime time for thoughtful reading.

For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain’t The Lyceum!

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My Best Homeschooling Advice

My Best Homeschool AdviceSonlight is having a monthly blog linkup this year, in honor of their 25th anniversary. March’s topic is to share the best homeschooling advice you have been given. What would you advise new homeschoolers?

I’m still so new to homeschooling I hesitate to give much in the way of advice, but I did already share about my current favorite book. I definitely think anyone planning to homeschool should read Cathy Duffy’s Curriculum book (whether the latest, or one of the earlier versions) because the introductory material about types of homeschool students and how various curricula work for the types is so helpful.

As far as advice I’ve received, most of my advice has come from blog reading and forum stalking, rather than in-person conversations. The best distilled tip I’ve gotten from all of that reading is to do what works for us, instead of worrying about what others are doing. A co-op may be a fantastic fit for another family, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for us. A math program may be perfect for someone else’s child, but it may not be right for mine (or it may not be right for me as the teacher). One of the very best parts about homeschooling is the ability to personalize everything, and I need to remember that.

And am I the only homeschooler who has to keep reminding herself of this? I keep looking around and seeing what others do that looks fun, or interesting, or worthwhile, and I have to talk myself down from ditching what is working well, or well enough, instead of endlessly chasing after better or the ever-elusive “perfect” curriculum.


February 2015 Recap

February 2015 RecapFebruary’s big event was the sad news that my husband’s grandmother passed away. She’d been in declining heath, but it was still a bit of a surprise – she’d recently improved, and she was such a tough lady that it seemed like nothing would ever keep her down for long. I’m glad she’s no longer in pain, but I’m sad for my husband, his siblings, and especially for his mom. And I’m sad because I loved her. I am happy that we had gotten the baby over to meet her not long ago, after having it not work out earlier due to her being in the hospital where no children could visit.

The Month in Stats

Books Read Last Month: 9
Books Read For The Year: 18

Things That Happened
  • The home refinance is finished, and it really wasn’t that bad as far as hassle – much less than purchasing.
  • My son completed his homeschool core, and started up with the next one. So far it’s going well.
  • We went to another homeschool meetup, and this one wasn’t as successful. I’ve got some thinking to do about it, and what I want to do with the kids. This year’s homeschooling programs are winding down, but maybe I can find something for next year.
  • My older daughter fell one evening and it ended up where we took her to the Urgent Care that night, then her regular dentist the next morning. That dentist took one look and referred us to a pediatric specialist. Now we have to return there at one month, three month, and six months to see how her front teeth are doing, in hopes that she didn’t damage the root. There’s also a possibility that she injured her permanent teeth, but we won’t know that until they come in. It was not the best morning to discover all that news, and we’re praying that it all ends up ok. I never expected to hear the phrase “possible root canal” mentioned in regards to my 3-year-old. Poor kid.
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • I got to see my inlaws and both of my husband’s sisters when they came out for his grandmother’s funeral. A sad occasion, but still nice to see them.
  • My son jumping for joy when we looked through all the new books for the core he started. He was just about beside himself with excitement, and his sister wasn’t far behind.
What’s Cooking
  • Lasagna. Again, by request of my son.
  • A lemon layer cake, in honor of my father-in-law’s birthday. I had to wing it a bit due to a shortage of lemons, lemon juice, or lemon oil (only discovered after I’d started it all), but the family all said they enjoyed it.
  • Plenty of soft foods, because that was all my girl was allowed to eat for a week in an attempt to let her teeth recover from the trauma.
What Iโ€™m Anticipating Next Month
  • St. Patrick’s Day is another chance for me to do a special occasion event with my kids. Maybe I’ll manage this one? My mother-in-law was here on Valentine’s Day and I didn’t do much on my own with the kids, but she won’t be here in March so it’ll be all me. Need to start figuring this out…
  • Is it too early for tulips? I’m hoping they come up again this year!
  • Another dentist appointment! Praying for good news at it too. ๐Ÿ™‚
Books I Read

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