Bookworm Problems: Storage, because there are never enough bookcases

#BookwormProblems Bookworm Problems -It’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? If you love books, you probably own a lot of them. Which means you’ve either got storage problems, or a way bigger house than I do, or you’ve limited yourself to electronic ones only.

I’m a bit too embarassed to say just how many bookcases I have in this house, so let’s just say: it’s a lot. And my book collection is just one reason my husband wants us to never move houses again.

In recent years our books have mostly increased thanks to buying kids’ books and homeschool materials – I buy very few for myself that aren’t electronic, although I do make an exception for cookbooks. Those I prefer to have a physical copy! I think my “real” book purchases are probably about 20 a year, which might seem like a lot to some, but is down quite a bit from years P.C. (that would be pre-children).

But we’re using a book-intensive homeschool program, and limiting my book buying to mostly children’s materials isn’t helping all that much. If we keep this up, I’m not even sure how or where we’ll fit everything in another year or two. Add in me trying to keep track of everything for the younger kid coming along later and I may lose my mind.

Anyone ready to share how many book cases they have? I’ll admit to having 4 of varying sizes in my closet/office, plus one part of the closet has shelves installed and I’ve got books on the bottom shelf there. And yes, that’s just in one part of the house, and it’s why if you come over it might not initially look like we have that many books in our house. Most of them are in non-public areas. 🙂

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Bookworm Problems: Impatiently Waiting for the Next Book in a Series

Winter(Let’s just subtitle this post: Are You KIDDING Me Winter Won’t Be Published Until November 2015???)

I am a series reader. Mysteries, fantasy – they’re all fun, and in many ways I prefer them as series. I can get attached to characters that way, and follow them through multiple books. And, especially for fantasy series, it allows for bigger story lines.

There’s one big drawback to series reads: the wait for the next installment. It’s one reason I often like to come into a series when it’s been out for awhile – I can binge read and not have to wait for the next one to be published.

Where I went wrong recently was with the Lunar Chronicles series. Book 1, Cinder, was fantastic! I loved it! And then I had to wait, but not too long for book 2, Scarlet.

Then I had to wait almost a year for book 3, Cress, and then I was dreading the year wait for the final book, Winter.

Recently I went looking for it, thinking perhaps it’d be in my library catalog soon for me to add myself to the holds list before it gets into triple digits. Only to discover that the publication date has been changed to NOVEMBER of next year. Not January/February like I was sure it was originally. NOVEMBER. As in, still more than a year away. Now I’m only WISHING it’d just been a year like I first thought it would be.


Anyone else impatiently waiting for the next book in a series?

#BookwormProblems Bookworm Problems -

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Bookworm Problems: Picking Favorites

#BookwormProblems Bookworm Problems - Picking FavoritesIf you’re a reader at all, I’m sure you’ve been asked the question:

What’s your favorite book?

I hate that question. I don’t know how to answer it – my favorite? As in, singular, one book above all others? This is an impossibility, surely you realize.

Usually I try and cheat when I answer (if I can’t get by with the non-answer of “no way can I just pick one favorite!) by mentioning one of the recent books I’ve finished that I most enjoyed. Or mentioning a few favorites in a specific sub genre: hey, let me tell you about my favorite food memoirs. All half-dozen of them. (Or maybe it’s up to a dozen at this point.) Like fantasy? So do I, so let me gush about 4 or 5 series that I love.

I somewhat envy people who have clear favorite books, an obvious answer to that question.

I definitely do not have an easy answer to that question, and what I really want to answer is “how much time do you have? Because I can tell you about some books…

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Bookworm Problems: The Neverending To-Be-Read List

#BookwormProblems Bookworm Problems - My Neverending TBR listMy current TBR list on Goodreads is almost 1,000 books, and even if that was the extent of the books I want to read (I’m sure it’s not), it’s still an impossible total.

Reading 200 books a year it’d take me 5 years to get through, and that assumes I add zero new books to the list. Yeah, right, that’s going to happen.

It’s so (well, heart-breaking might be a little strong, but not by much), discouraging to know that I absolutely have to make some tough choices with my reading time. There are good books I have to turn down, and good series I’ll need to pass up on finishing, if I’m going to have time for the great books that are out there.

I’d force myself to go through my list and do some ruthless culling, but that’s a bit use of potential reading time, and it pains me to do that. Instead I’ll continue to do my best at selecting well, and being willing to quit reading a book if it’s not worth the time.

Someone else tell me that they feel the same way about the impossible quantities on their “I want to read that!” list?

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Bookworm Problems when Traveling

#BookwormProblemsWe recently took a road trip, and despite the advantages of having an e-reader, I still run into significant Bookworm Problems:

I can’t take all the books I want to with me. Even when we road trip and there’s plenty of space to bring along a big tote crammed full of books. Even when I have a Kindle loaded with dozens and dozens of books. Even when I’m only gone 10 days and cannot possibly get through all the books I’ve already packed. I still want to bring more and more.

What if I’m not in the mood to read the books I’ve got with me? What if we get stuck somewhere and our trip gets extended by several days or more? What if I suddenly turn into a speed reader and fly through everything I have?

It’s still not going to happen, thanks to the Kindle. I could read every physical book I have with me, and get through all the Kindle books already loaded, and if needed could download some new ones. Theoretically I could travel with nothing but the Kindle and have plenty to read the entire trip.

Doesn’t matter, I can’t give up my tote of books. Fortunately I have a very understanding husband who might roll his eyes a bit, but never objects to essential travel supplies. 🙂

Tell me I’m not the only book nerd who needs to travel with a security blanket that’s make of piles of reading material?

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Bookworm Problems: I’ve Got Them

#BookwormProblemsJessica at Quirky Bookworm has a linkup today, and I wasn’t going to participate. I only learned about it yesterday, and I didn’t have time to write a new post for today.

Except before I even finished reading her post I had ideas about my Bookworm Problems, so I *had* to join in.

Some of my biggest #bookwormproblems:

  1. I get way too emotionally attached to fictional characters. It’s devastating when a series ends and I don’t get to spend time with them any more, and if an author kills a character I love? It’s gut-wrenching, and I live in denial for days or weeks later.
  2. Crying over a book, and getting caught at it. No, really, it’s just allergies. sniffle
  3. The realization that I will never never never read all of the books I’d like to.
  4. Too many books – which to read first? I spend ridiculous amounts of time sorting them and restacking them in “lets read them in this order” arrangements, only to change my mind the next day.
  5. Moving causes your friends to declare that under no circumstances will they ever help you move again, because apparently they didn’t believe me when I said I owned a lot of books.
  6. Reading a fabulous book? I want desperately to finish it. Except I don’t want it to end.
  7. Invariably the book I most want to talk about with someone is one that none of my friends has read.
  8. Starting a book before realizing it’s a sequel. Which I don’t have. And neither does the library.
  9. Reaching the holds limit at the library.
  10. Reaching the checkout limit at the library.
  11. When I’m desperate to finish a book but life keeps interrupting. Why do my children require food and attention EVERY DAY? Don’t they realize what’s going on in this book???
  12. Being asked “what’s your favorite book?” That is just an impossible question – how can I possibly pick just ONE?
  13. Restraining myself from saying “that doesn’t count!” when someone claims to have read the book, when they’ve only seen the movie.
  14. Counting all the books I currently have out from the library, and realizing that at my current reading pace, it’ll take me months finish them. And knowing that I’ll never last that long without going to the library and getting more books.
  15. Dealing with the aggravation that the book I most want to read is always upstairs when I’m downstairs. Or downstairs when I’m upstairs. Apparently I need to permanently carry around a tote bag with a selection of books and my reading glasses so I’m ready for any eventuality.