Cover Love – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

I was stunned to discover just how many different covers there are for Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Stunned! There are so many that I’m limiting this post just to English-language versions. Let’s just see some of the multitude:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Covers 1

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Covers 2

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Covers 3

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Covers 4

As far as picking a favorite? It’s so hard! I did narrow it down. To five choices:
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Cover Favorites
Let’s see. #1 there is classic – the original cover from the first edition – and it’s got the lady snooping in the drawer and looking very suspicious. #2 I just like how it looks, but it doesn’t seem to relate to the story as well, so it shouldn’t be my favorite. #3 has the knife, and the letter, and the phone (or perhaps it’s not the phone, but either way it relates to the story). #4 is deceptively simple, with just the phone. I’m partial to it because that’s the cover on the Kindle version I read. #5 might be a bit gruesome, but I like the style so much.

I can’t decide which of these I like the most – as soon as I think it’s got to be this one or that, I end up second-guessing myself. Do you have a strong preference for one of them?

This new “Cover Love” series is inspired by the “Judging Books by Their Covers” series previously run at Quirky Bookworm.

Cover Love: Parnassus on Wheels

Last month I wrote about Christopher Morley’s novella Parnassus on Wheels, and shared about how much I enjoyed it.

I would definitely *not* have picked it up based on the cover – a very dull looking and unappealing thing – but then I came across a much prettier cover for the book. And that got me wondering what other covers this title had had over the years. The answer? A lot. Here’s just a sampling of what can happen when a book goes out of copyright and anyone can reprint it:
Parnassus on Wheels Covers 1

Parnassus on Wheels Covers 2

Parnassus on Wheels Covers 3

All those choices, and I’m not completely sure which is my favorite, although I did narrow it down to these three. And if you absolutely forced me to just pick one, it’d probably be the blue one on the far right.
Parnassus on Wheels Covers My Favorites

Which one is your favorite? And can anyone tell what is going on in the middle row’s far left cover? I can’t figure it out. Are they people?

This new “Cover Love” series is inspired by the “Judging Books by Their Covers” series previously run at Quirky Bookworm.

Judging Books by their Covers: Lunar Chronicles series

I love love love Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles fantasy series. So much so that I was just about devastated to discover that the final book in the quartet has been pushed back so now it won’t be out until NOVEMBER 2015. Here I was thinking it was going to be early in 2015: nope. Not even close.

Until Winter finally releases, I’m going to admire the wonder that is this series, especially their covers. They’ve been fantastic so far, and what I love is that all the various options from around the world? They’re all good to great too – so much fun to have lots of options for great covers.

Let’s start with Cinder, the introduction to the series, from left to right is the US Version, Spanish, and German covers. I love the familiar US version, with the red shoe and the “bone” visible in the leg. I love the Spanish cover, when the “C” looks like a crescent moon, and the pretty dress, and the leg. I like the German version, how the repeating graphic is the shoe.

Cinder HardcoverCinder Spanish editionCinder German edition

From left to right, the Portuguese, Czech, and Russian covers: The Polish cover uses the same image as the Spanish one above.
Cinder Portuguese editionCinder Czech editionCinder Russian edition

Finally, the Thai and Taiwanese covers.
Cinder Thai editionCinder Taiwan edition

Moving on to Scarlet, the second book in the series –

The US, Spanish, and German covers. The Spanish version continues with that “C” that’s so clever, and the German one uses the wolf as the repeating element. So fun! And I love the little bit of red hair visible in the US version, under that great red cloak.
Scarlet HardcoverScarlet Spanish editionScarlet German edition

Next, the Portuguese, Czech, and Polish covers. These are all so pretty.

Scarlet Portugese editionScarlet Czech editionScarlet Polish edition

And the covers for Cress – the US, German, and Czech editions. I love the US version, but the Czech one is fantastic too, how it shows her hair and her location. I wondered what the German version would use for their repeating element, and should have guessed they’d pick the hair too.

Cress Hardcover editionCress German editionCress_obalka.indd

And one final cover, the Bulgarian edition of Cress. This one doesn’t seem that accurate, unless I’ve forgotten some scene where she gets flowers braided into her hair, but it sure is pretty. 🙂

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Judging Books by their Covers: Wings of Fire

Last week I reviewed Charles Todd’s second book in the Ian Rutledge series, Wings of FireWings of Fire (Ian Rutledge Mysteries) by Charles Todd. I was not impressed by the cover, and went searching to see if there had been better ones published for it.

Here’s the copy of the Kindle edition that I read:

Wings of Fire

Then there’s this American edition:

Wings of Fire American Edition

Or perhaps the audio version:

Wings of Fire Audio Edition

The British (and, I assume, the original) edition:

Wings of Fire British Edition

And two German editions. They’re both hardcovers, so I’m not sure why the difference – they’ve got different publishers, but my German is all but nonexistant to figure out which one is which.

Wings of Fire German Edition

Wings of Fire German Edition 2

Honestly? I’m not crazy about any of them – there are aspects of some of them that I like, but no one cover where I like all of it. I like the silhouettes of the soldiers on the British edition, and although I don’t like the lady at the top, it’s probably my favorite overall.

Which one do you like best?

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Judging Books by their Covers: The Thief

Judging Books by their Covers: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Click on the image to enlarge it. From left to right: Indonesian version, paperback version, revised paperback version, hardcover version, British version

In my post reviewing The Thief I mentioned how much I hated the cover for the version I own – the paperback cover that’s shown second from the left in the collage above. The reprints all look like the middle one, and that cover style carries over to the later books in the series.

From left to right, my thoughts on the various covers:

Cover #1 I like, but doesn’t really relate to the book content that well. Sure, Gen goes on a quest of sorts, but he never appears like that exactly, and the body language is all wrong.

Cover #2 I’ve said how much I hate it. It does kind of connect to the content at least. I think my copy looks even worse than the picture makes it seem – it’s really dark, and those strange … clouds? on the bottom right end up being totally head-scratching.

Cover #3 Seems like a very trendy sort of cover, but I still like it. The image relates to the story without giving much away. Also, I’m biased because I like the other series covers so much and they’re in this style.

Cover #4 Relates to the content, and has that creepy shadow looming over it, which I like for the subtle mood it imparts.

Cover #5 Relates really well – the best of all of the options I think. It just would never inspire me to read the book!

I’ll admit that I love cover #3, but 4 and 5 both have some positives. I like #1 but the disconnect from the actual story in the book bugs me.

Which one is your favorite?

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