Planning for 2017’s Book Club

book club planning

The Original Plan

In a post not long ago, I mentioned the planning I had done about possible books for my in-person book club to read in 2017. And I mentioned the next step was a survey for everyone to vote on what they wanted.

However, as I made the survey (and was reminded just. how. long. it. was) I couldn’t help but realize that for most people (i.e., everyone who isn’t obsessive about book possibilities like me), it was going to be completely overwhelming.

So. Rethinking things I realized that the main reason I wanted to pick all the books for that book club in advance was so I could be sure to pick different books for my Facebook book club. As last year there was a strong preference by everyone to know all the titles for the year in advance, I wanted to do that again. And that didn’t *really* require the in-person group to decide everything first.

New Plan

I will go ahead and pick what I want for my Facebook book club. My in-person book club will continue to pick books on a shorter lead time (although at least 3 months out, to provide plenty of time for everyone to acquire and read the books).

I’ve got a good start on that plan, and hope to announce those picks in late November, so anyone joining in will have all of December to read January’s pick.

Looking Ahead at 2017’s Books

As with this year’s selections, I’m intentionally picking books that I have *not* read, but am trying to read enough about them to ensure they’re going to be good discussion options.

Also like this year, I’m aiming for a mix of genres, and I think my biggest struggles so far has been picking the ONE option for various genres. I have two Science Fiction books that both seem like they’d be great – which one to choose? I have about 8 Fantasy possibilities, and need to really look into them to decide which will be selected. I’m scared to even do a final count of all of the Historical Fiction I’m considering – it’s a lot.

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