The Last Song by Eva Wiseman

The Last SongThe Last SongThe Last Song by Eva Wiseman by Eva Wiseman

Let’s start with the positive: the premise of this book is fantastic. There are so many historical fiction books for kids on certain topics, but other events have very few books available. The Spanish Inquisition is one of the more neglected topics.

Unfortunately, this book doesn’t help much, and I wouldn’t recommend it even if you’re desperate for something covering this topic or time period. The plot itself is so obvious and also has some glaring holes. The characterizations are all either stereotypical or simple cardboard. The main character should be sympathetic, but I found her to be completely unbelievable and absurd.

I fell for this one based on the cover and description, but I wish I’d saved my reading time. If I hadn’t been reading it for review, I’d have given up on it sooner, but since I did accept it I felt like I should finish it in hopes that it improved (or at least so my review was on the entire book.) [Read more…]