Beautiful Books Make Perfect Gifts

Monday I shared about the most beautiful Bible I’ve ever seen, one that I think would make a fabulous gift this Christmas.

Looking for other beautiful books as possible gifts? I discovered three newish book collections that are all gorgeous and would make wonderful gifts for the book lovers on your list.

Classics Reimagined

Unabridged, classic novels illustrated by contemporary artists from around the world. Each book has a very different style and feel from the rest in the series. My favorite? Pride & Prejudice, with lovely illustrations by Alice Pattullo. I especially like how the fore-edge is also illustrated, and how some of the pages fold out to provide extra-large illustrations.

Classics Reimagined Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Alice Pattullo Photo credit: Liz Carpenter

There are additional options besides the Jane Austen favorite, including Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Andrea D’Aquino, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by Yann Legendre, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, illustrated by Olimpia Zagnoli, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, illustrated by Sophia Martineck, and Edgar Allan Poe: Stories & Poems, illustrated by David Plunkert.

Jim Kay Illustrated Harry Potter

Harry Potter illustrated editionOnly the first three books in the series have been released (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban), but these stunningly illustrated books are worth the wait for the final four. Full-color, glossy pages, these are heavy books with a substantial feel. A must for devoted Harry Potter fans!

Anna Bond Illustrated Titles

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Anna BondEven if you don’t know her name, you likely recognize her work. She’s illustrated the covers for the Puffin in Bloom series, and she’s behind the deluxe hardcover of this fabulous Alice in Wonderland. Every page has full-color illustrations, there are lovely endpages, and an included bookmark. The dustjacket is gorgeous, but even the cover itself is stunning if you remove the dustjacket. How many ways can I say that it is a beautiful book?

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