Goodreads Hacks: Using a “Someday” Shelf

As part of my reading goals for 2018, I’m working on cleaning up my “Want To Read” shelf on Goodreads. One way I’m doing that is by shifting books off to a “Someday/Maybe” shelf.

Goodreads lets you create endless shelves. The key to me using the someday/maybe shelf is that I’ve set it as an “exclusive” shelf. What’s that mean? A book can only be on one exclusive shelf.

If you haven’t created any of your own, you have one of three options: Want to Read, Currently Reading, or Read. I’ve added a “Paused” shelf, “Never Finished,” “Not Interested,” and now “Someday/Maybe” to my exclusive shelf options.

What’s the advantage to this?

It becomes a nice holding area for books I don’t want to forget about, but I know I won’t be reading anytime soon. I’m also using it for books on topics where I’m not actively reading currently, but if/when I want to get back to that topic, those are the titles I want to read.

It’s also where I’m parking books that I’m keeping on my “ideas for bookclub” shelf, but only want to read them if my bookclub selects them.

My “Want to Read” shelf is still overloaded, but as I go through it again, and delete titles I no longer want to read, I’m trimming it down even further by shifting titles over to the “Someday/Maybe” option.

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Goodreads Hack: Creating a “Not Going to Read” Shelf

bookworm-hacks-not-interested-shelfYou do know about creating additional exclusive shelves on Goodreads, yes?

The exclusive shelves are the ones where a book can only be on one of them – the defaults are “Read” “Want to Read” and “Currently Reading.” I’ve since added three of my own – “Never Finished” “Paused” and “Not Interested.”

Why did I make a “Not Interested” shelf?

I debated this one a long time, as I was concerned that it could seem mean in a way: I am not going to read a lot of books, so why was it necessary to highlight certain titles that I’m not going to try?

What eventually swayed me to do it is that there are some books that I keep looking at, and then remembering “no, I already checked it out and passed on it.” I want to save my time and have it already in my Goodreads account as a “not for me.”

And that’s what this shelf is: a not for me shelf. If you see a favorite book of yours on the shelf, it’s not that I’m saying I think it’s a bad one. Simply, it’s not one I want to read. Perhaps it’s got some themes I don’t enjoy, or maybe I’ve read too many that are similar and don’t want another one.

It’s already been handy, and I’m wishing I hadn’t waited so long to create it.

Have you added any extra exclusive shelves to your Goodreads account?

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Goodreads Hacks: Creating a “Paused” Shelf

Goodreads imageOne of my most recent updates to my Goodreads account is the addition of an exclusive “paused” shelf. I use it for books that I had been reading, but for whatever reason I’m not continuing ot read at this time. However, because I do think I’ll get back to them someday I didn’t want to add them to my “did not finish” shelf, as that shelf is only for books I have no plans to resume.

While it’s still a fairly new addition to my shelves, so far I’m *loving* it. It makes it easy for me to clear out my “currently reading” shelf, and yet not lose those books that I hadn’t finished.

Looking for other Goodreads hacks? I also use a “not interested” shelf, and a secret group to keep some reading plans private.

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Goodreads Hacks: Using a Secret Group

Goodreads imageOne of the things I have wished Goodreads offers is a way to make a shelf of books private. Not my entire profile, but just some titles, for when I’m working on projects.

Why yes, this is especially on my mind right now because of planning for book club next year. I want the choices to be a surprise, so I can’t exactly make a shelf and call it “2017 book club possibilities” and keep the suspense.

Enter a secret group. From my computer (I can’t get it to work from the app, unfortunately), I created a new group with only me as a member. Then I pulled in all the titles I’m considering. And, while it doesn’t matter quite as much with this year (I’m in the final stages of selecting), I’m already making plans to use it for next year: I can add titles throughout the year and have them ready to consider next fall when I begin finalizing plans for 2018.

The only downside that I have found with this is that it doesn’t work on the app. I can’t create the groups on the app, and I can’t see the bookshelves I’ve filled via the app. So, it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

If you’ve figured out a better workaround to the lack of private shelf options in Goodreads (besides a piece of paper kept offline), please let me know!

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