What the Kids are Reading (in April 2015)

We didn’t have all that many new picture books that we finished this month. We’ve been reading more chapter books, and rereading old favorites, so the new picture book total is slim:

QuestQuestQuest by Aaron Becker by Aaron Becker

Becker’s the author of JourneyJourney by Aaron Becker (mentioned on the blog previously), and if you liked that one you’ll want to read Quest as well – it’s more of the same, in the very best way. I like hearing what the kids think is going on with each page. Wordless picture books took a little getting used to, but now I generally love them.

Angus and the DucksAngus and the DucksAngus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack by Marjorie Flack

We may be relatively new to Flack, but I’m a huge fan of her work now. Love the illustrations in this one! My son loved it too – he asked for it to be repeated twice the first time we read it, and has continued to ask for it. A prime example of why there weren’t many new picture books finished this month. 😉

You Are the Best MedicineYou Are the Best MedicineYou Are the Best Medicine by Julie Aigner Clark, illustrations by Jana Christy by Julie Aigner Clark, illustrations by Jana Christy

My daughter’s pick from the library – she always goes for the ones with pink colors. And this one got a quick scan by me and then it went back into the library bag. No, nope, not gonna read it. But if you are looking for a cancer book, or just a book where a parent is sick – this might be one you want to check out.

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