Recent Readaloud: Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin AdventureDolphin Adventure: A True StoryDolphin Adventure: A True Story by Wayne Grover, illustrated by Jim Fowler by Wayne Grover, illustrated by Jim Fowler

The story-telling isn’t the best (it’s serviceable, but not phenomenal), and if I were rating it on my own I’d probably give it 3 stars. However, my son’s enjoyment of it made me bump up the overall rating I gave it on GoodReads to 4 stars. He was a fan – so much so that when he realized there was a second book following this one, he insisted that we had to get it because he needed to hear it too.

My verdict:
An amazing true story, I appreciated how it opened up several areas of discussion. Plenty of illustrations and very short chapters make it a good choice for kids new at listening to chapter books. It’s easy enough that it would also work for newer readers – not complete beginners, but somewhat new to reading chapter books.

The kids’ verdict:
My son immediately requested to read the second book, Dolphin Treasure. My daughter was only slightly interested in it, and mostly just wanted to see the pictures. So, good for my five-year-old, not so good for my three-year-old.

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