Recent Readaloud: Five True Horse Stories

5 True Horse Stories | Review by @SheilaRCraigFive True Horse StoriesFive True Horse Stories by Margaret Davidson | Review by @SheilaRCraig by Margaret Davidson

I was expecting this to just be another readaloud with the kids, and bought it for our trip to Arizona, as I was looking for something small and light to take on the plane. Instead it turned out to be a nostalgia-filled experience: I read this exact book when I was a child. I remembered the stories (some of the specific phrases as well), and the illustrations were instantly recognizable.

It made me so happy I’d grabbed this on a whim. That said, I’m not sure how impressed I’d have been if I didn’t have that nostalgic glow associated with it. The writing is serviceable, but nothing special, and it’s not one I’m excited to reread with them.

My verdict:
It’s dated at times, but not so much that it’s off-putting. Although, I was a bit surprised at how sad the one story is, and yet it’s presented so matter-of-factly, so consider this a heads-up if you’ve got sensitive listeners/readers!

The kids’ verdict:
They liked it, and kept asking me to read more, so it held their interest, but they didn’t ask for it to be repeated.

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Publisher’s Description:
Five wonderful, true stories about real horses–a Morgan, a Mustang, a wild pony, a performing horse, and even a donkey.

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