Homeschooling Update: Plans for Third Grade

Last week kicked off G’s 3rd grade year. It’s always an exciting time, and I’ve got some fun things planned for his year.

3rd Grade Curriculum Choices

3rd Grade Curriculum Choices


Math Mammoth has worked really well for us so far, so he’ll be starting off the year with 4A, and when he finishes that, he’ll move on to 4B. I would like to supplement with Beast Academy and am planning on getting their new 2A level when it releases. I want it to be fun-challenging, not super hard-challenging, which is why I’m going lower in level than the 3A I have and briefly tried last year.


Sonlight C LA 3
In addition to the second half of world history covered in Sonlight C, I’ll be adding in some extra fun titles such as See Inside the World of Shakespeare and a sticker book about Knights as I try to slow us down and not finish before May.

I’m trying to avoid moving into level D before 4th grade, but we’ll see how that goes. We’d begun level C last year, so we’re already on week 9 of the curriculum. I just ordered the Kingfisher Atlas of World History (it hasn’t arrived yet) but that should also give us plenty to look at and help slow things down.

Spelling, Phonics, and Handwriting

He’s halfway through All About Spelling level 4 already, so I expect him to finish it and most (if not all) of level 5 this year. He loves spelling!

Although it’s completely unnecessary for him, as it duplicates so much of what he did in All About Reading, I’m having him work through MCP Phonics Level C . It’s often convenient to have some workbook tasks to give him to do on his own. Some days this ends up counting as his handwriting.

For days he’s not getting a lot of handwriting in via other items, he’s using Italic Handwriting Book D. He hates it, but his handwriting is not good, so he’s working on it. And it’s not the book’s fault he hates it; he’d dislike anything requiring handwriting practice.

Reading and Vocabulary

Sonlight LA 3Somewhat connected with his History curriculum, he’s also doing Sonlight Readers and LA 3. I’ll add in additional readers for him, mostly from the library. Those I generally pick as we go along through the year, and I’ll try and keep you posted on the ones I assign as the year progresses.

For another workbook to do on his own when I need him to be busy while I work with his sister(s) he’s got Wordly Wise B. The vocabulary practice so far has been unnecessary, but I’ll keep using it for the workbook benefits.


Besides the assigned Bible reading and Window on the World book included in Sonlight, I’ve added the Awesome Book of Bible Facts (that they used to include, but took out). He’ll also start up with Awana again next month, where he’ll be in the T&T level.


Sonlight Science CHe’s a big fan of Sonlight science, and has just started Science C. Since it’s never enough for him, I’ll be supplementing with additional science books. First up is 100 Things to Know about Science, followed by a book about Volcanos. Once he learns that there are additional Wile E Coyote science titles, he’ll be clamoring for them, so I’m thinking I’ll get him Whoosh, Kaboom, Clang, and Zoom for Christmas gifts.


I’ll be trying out a new-to-us art curriculum with both older kids – Artistic Pursuits Introduction to Visual Arts .

I also have several Usborne art books to read with the kids – Introduction to Art, Lift-the-Flap Art, Art Treasury, even an Art Activity Book, and a Step-by-Step Drawing Book.

In addition, I have a list of art appreciation books to grab from the library, such as 13 Paintings Children Should Know and others in that series.

I know we won’t get through all of that this year, but I’m trying to have it on hand to make it more likely it’ll be a regular part of our routine.


Someday I hope to get all the kids into piano lessons, but that won’t be this year. While we wait, I want to do some composer studies, music history, and other music apreciation-type material.

Towards that end, I’m slowly working on building a reference collection. So far I have the Usborne Famous Composers Reference Book, and I’m also planning on adding their Classical Music Reference Book.

In addition, I’m then debating between three options: First Book about the Orchestra, Welcome to the Symphony, or The Story of the Orchestra. I’d like to get one of them for the year, and am hoping to try all three out from the library before deciding which one (if any) to purchase for our shelves.


I’ve not been that successful at using the video version of the Kids Cook Real Food course (but when I did, I loved it), so I’m trying the book instead.


He’s now a Bear in Cub Scouts, and is looking forward to all of the activities that offers throughout the year. He’s also begun the Fall soccer season, playing on team Germany. It’s still up in the air if he’ll play basketball this winter, but he’s certain to play baseball in the Spring.

Taekwondo is ongoing: he’s just earned his 1st degree recommended black belt, so next up is 1st degree decided, and to work towards his instructor’s collar.

It should be another busy year!

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