The Count of Monte Cristo (and linkup)

The Count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Ever finish a book and just think “that was an accomplishment?” Because that’s exactly how I felt when I completed The Count of Monte Cristo. It’d been on my “I want to read that someday” list for well over a decade, but never a high enough priority for me to actually get it read.

I think I’m glad that I never looked up the page count – I likely wouldn’t have selected the book for the group, and then I wouldn’t have read it, and I’m so glad I did.

Sure, the book gets bogged down at times (that Roman section!), but overall it reads much faster than I expected from a 1200+ page book. It’s pretty easy to tell that it was serialized, but unlike with The Old Curiousity Shop, the repetative nature of the story that seems to encourage didn’t bother me as much in this book.

Overall it was such a thought-provoking book, with memorable characters and actions. Well worth reading, even if it does require such a time commitment.

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Looking ahead at next month, we’ll start our discussion on The Black Count February 1st. There will be a linkup for posts relating to that book on February 23rd.

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  1. <3

    • Thank you for the extra motivation to read this – I’m so glad I did!

      And, have you read The Black Count? It’s our book for this month and it’s just making me appreciate CMC that much more.

  2. Yes! I have such good intentions about reading classics “someday,” but of course, “someday” never comes. I’m so glad you chose this book, because I enjoyed it much more than I expected! Plus, now I can say I’ve read it. 😉

    • My experiences with classics is so skewed by bad associations of them as school books and the misery that assigned reading became in high school and college. Seriously, it’s a wonder it didn’t permanently sour me on books the way I loathed the discussions and assignments we had in English classes. So I have to always push past that resistance to try any books that seem like they might have been assigned in school.

      Anyway, I am so glad you read it too and can now say that you have! Yay for reading accomplishments!

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