Top Blog Posts from 2017

I always find it interesting to see which are the most popular posts on the blog, because they’re not always the ones I would expect. Who knew the Emma cover post would be so popular? Well, I guess the popularity of anything Jane Austen isn’t surprising. So, besides the Emma post, here are the other most-visited posts I wrote last year:

  1. 10 Nonfiction Books I Can’t Stop Recommending

  2. 2018 Book Club Selections

  3. 4 Books Becoming Movies in 2018

  4. The Best Book Club Item EVER

  5. 2018 Reading Resolutions

  6. Cover Love: Emma

  7. The Most Gorgeous Bible

  8. 10+ Books Perfect to Read in Autumn

  9. The Ultimate List of Library Hacks

  10. Goodreads Hacks: Creating a “Not Going to Read” Shelf

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  1. Fun! I need to look at my analytics and see what were my most popular posts.

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