Trust. Hope. Rejoice.

Book Review of Trust Hope Rejoice by Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson’s Trust. Hope. Rejoice. is a devotional about dealing with life’s difficulties. While Johnson’s perspective is shaped by her health challenges, her devotionals are not limited in application to those who also are dealing with health issues; her Biblical approach and words of encouragement are relevant to any sort of difficulties you might be facing.

Many of the devotionals were originally written for her blog, but there is some new content written exclusively for the ebook. The structure of the book is nice, with each devotional beginning with a suggested passage of scripture to read, her thoughts on the topic in the middle, and ending with an excerpt from scripture.

The ebook is free to subscribers of her RSS or email feed, so I highly encourage you to go to her blog, DogFur and Dandelions, sign up as a subscriber (also free), and download the devotional. I think it’s very comforting and inspiring.

Disclaimer: Elizabeth has become a blogging friend, and I did an advance reading of the ebook it to proofread it. However, if I didn’t think it was worthwhile I wouldn’t recommend it, no matter what my connection to the author and book.


  1. Thanks for the review, friend! I appreciate your proofreading and encouragement!


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