Update on 2015 Reading Goals

I didn’t do as well on my goals this year. Even if I wasn’t blogging about it monthly, clearly I need to check in with myself about them monthly to stay on track. Whoops.

2015 Reading Goals

  1. Read 156 books.
    That’s 3 books a week, children’s titles over 100 pages count towards the total.
    Well, if you’ve been following my monthly recap totals, it looks like I’m nowhere near reaching that. Except I didn’t include all children’s titles over 100 pages in that, and if I add all of those in I’m much closer. Considering I pulled the 156 number somewhat out of the air, I’m content with my reading totals. But it’s still a “didn’t reach it” goal. Tomorrow I’ll update this post with the final reading total (as I write this on Wednesday I know that I’m likely to finish at least two more books before the end of the year, and maybe more, depending on how kids cooperate with bedtime).
  2. Read all book club selections.
    With one exception: if there is one book that I absolutely hate, I can not finish. I call that the “House of Mirth” rule in honor of the book that inspired it. 😉
    Well, I intentionally skipped A Prayer for Owen Meany after getting through a third of it and detesting it more with every page. And then I unintentionally skipped Possession, because I knew I wasn’t going to be at that meeting and then forgot about it. I will read it though, but I still have to count this as a “No – didn’t reach it”
  3. Attempt to read all of the books I mentioned I was looking forward to reading.
    If I don’t like the book, I don’t have to finish it, but I do want to at least give them all a shot.
    I’ve read or started reading all of them except one. But I bought that one so eventually I will read it! As much as I want to give myself credit for this goal, I didn’t even crack the cover of The Story of Science, so I think it has to be a “No.”
  4. Get new children’s books monthly to share with the kids.
    No numbers here – just want to keep fresh material coming in, along with the books we already own.
    Done – this is the easiest goal for me to meet, as my kids love getting new library books. 🙂 It’s a definite “Yes.”
  5. Read the New Testament
    I want to say read the entire Bible, but I’m trying to not be overly ambitious, and I don’t want to set myself up where I’m reading it for speed over anything else.
    My Bible reading was haphazard and jumped around quite a bit, and while I read a lot of the New Testament, I know I didn’t read all of Revelation. So I didn’t reach this goal and it’s another “No.”
  6. Promptly share books that I’ve finished via my Pinterest board.
    I did so well at this goal last year, at least pre-baby. And then this got ignored in favor of more pressing needs. We’ll give it another try this year.
    I am so so so behind on this and it’s my least successful goal, so a clear “No.”
  7. Clear 12 more books off of my TBR stack at home.
    I don’t have to finish them – if I start one and decide it isn’t for me and I’m going to get rid of it, that counts too. I just want to whittle down the stack some more one way or another. They do need to be physical books however – the point of this is to clear out the backlog of books on my bookcases.
    Well, thanks to the “getting rid of it counts, I don’t have to actually read it” clause, this goal is done for the year. I KonMari’d my bookcases and got rid of a mountain for a final “Yes.”

Adding it all up, that’s 2 goals reached, and 5 not. Not all that great sadly. I so need to track things monthly instead of quarterly or less like I did this year.

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  1. It seems like you made a lot of progress towards your goals! Good luck in 2016!

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