An Update on the Quarterly Classic Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge The Quarterly ClassicI promised an update on this, and I’ve been putting off writing it. I *hate* not meeting my goals, even if no one else cares if I do or don’t.

So, last year I planned a reading challenge. Four classic novels, one per quarter. Easy, right? Except shortly after brainstorming and making the goal for the challenge, I discovered I was pregnant with baby #3.

Right there, I should have deferred the challenge for a year. Two previous pregnancies have been … challenging, and even if I avoided the severe nausea and vomiting of the past, two other kiddos don’t always make life easy. I’m also considered high-risk, due to some ongoing health conditions and other issues, so that meant extra appointments and schedule juggling.

Except, I’d already made plans! Not just mental ones that only I knew about – real ones, with my friend Amy. Surely I could still manage to read those four books.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

I’m still reading, yes. But reading with pregnancy brain and in between everything else is quite different than reading when I’m at full strength if you will. I’ve had to dial back on the books that require focus and close attention. Spiritual reading, book club picks, and titles related to homeschooling are getting that time, not leaving a lot of time for classic literature.

I could have finished the books I planned to by now, but it would have been by racing through them, or not focusing on them enough to appreciate the language. And I don’t want to have just “read” them where my eyes have passed over all the text on the page. I want to immerse myself in them more. I want to savor all of Pride and PrejudiceThe Annotated Pride and Prejudice: A Revised and Expanded Edition by Jane Austen – it’ll be the only first time I ever read it after all.

So, yes, I’m calling it quits on my reading challenge. I apologize to anyone who was joining in. While I’d love to say “come back in 2015 when I’ll try again!,” instead I think I’ll see how things are going with three, and then evaluate what I think I can handle. I’ve already made plans for one blogging project for the year, and I’m trying to not make the same mistake again and jump in without really thinking it through.

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  1. I was going to join in and had every intention since you started and I haven’t read a page! No worries — your hands are full of LIFE! Enjoy your family, your babies and the new one coming.


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