Walking the Amazon by Ed Stafford

Walking the AmazonWalking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time. by Ed Stafford

Memoirs are one of my favorite genres because I find people fascinating, and sometimes the things people do with themselves astonishes me. Such as with Stafford’s book about his 860 days spent walking the Amazon. Eight hundred and sixty days. My youngest child hasn’t even been alive for that long. It boggles the mind.

So yes, I find it fascinating in an “I cannot even imagine doing something like this because there is NO WAY I ever would, barring having no other choice for survival or something like that.” Or to shorten that: UM, NO.

The writing is serviceable – he probably would have been well-served to bring in a ghost writer to help make it more engaging, and he doesn’t bring in the background information or humor Bill Bryson does in his memoir A Walk in the Woods. My husband would still argue Stafford’s book is better because: 860 days, walking the entire way. I would say that makes Stafford’s feat much more impressive, but doesn’t impact my thoughts on the book.

In 2014 I read Stafford’s subsequent book Naked and Marooned, and I wish I hadn’t read them out of order. Naked and Marooned ends up discussing some of the after effects of his walk, and I think I’d appreciate those elements more now after understanding what he did a lot more.

Recommended for fans of the genre, but I don’t think it would convert anyone who didn’t already like adventure/travel/amazing exploit type accounts.

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Publisher’s Description:
As seen on Discovery Channel and for readers of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Bill Bryson, Jon Krakauer, and David Grann, a riveting, adventurous account of one man’s history-making journey along the entire length of the Amazon—and through the most bio-diverse habitat on Earth. Fans of Turn Right at Machu Piccu will revel in Ed Stafford’s extraordinary prose and lush descriptions.

In April 2008, Ed Stafford set off to become the first man ever to walk the entire length of the Amazon. He started on the Pacific coast of Peru, crossed the Andes Mountain range to find the official source of the river. His journey lead on through parts of Colombia and right across Brazil; all while outwitting dangerous animals, machete wielding indigenous people as well as negotiating injuries, weather and his own fears and doubts. Yet, Stafford was undeterred. On his grueling 860-day, 4,000-plus mile journey, Stafford witnessed the devastation of deforestation firsthand, the pressure on tribes due to loss of habitats as well as nature in its true-raw form. Jaw-dropping from start to finish, Walking the Amazon is the unforgettable and gripping story of an unprecedented adventure.

Book Details

Title: Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time.
Author: Ed Stafford
Category: Nonfiction / Memoir
My Rating: 3 Stars

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  1. I put this one on my TBR list awhile ago, and recently picked up a copy at a used bookstore. It does sound like quite the amazing feat!

  2. Interesting. I picked up Naked and Marooned on impulse at the airport, and I was just about to start. I’ll take your advice and read this one instead.

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