What the Kids are Reading vol. 3

Thoughts on the library books I’ve been reading to my kids this month:

Over in the MeadowOver in the MeadowOver in the Meadow illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats
This one is a solid middle-of-the-road book for us. The kids don’t mind it, but they’re not crazy about it, and I feel pretty much the same. It’ll go back at our next visit and I doubt we’ll ever get it out again. I do like the illustrations though.

Roar a Noisy Counting BookRoar!: A Noisy Counting BookRoar!: A Noisy Counting Book
I thought they would love this one – there’s a lion! And lots of different noises! They like it, but they aren’t obsessed with it like I thought they might be. It’s fun though, and the illustrations are nice.

Olivia and the Missing ToyOlivia . . . and the Missing ToyOlivia and the Missing Toy
The favorite of the batch. Olivia is fun, even if this is one of my least favorites of her stories.

Chicken CheeksChicken CheeksChicken Cheeks
Gotta admit that I never even read this one to my kids – it went straight back into the library bag after I read it. The illustrations are great, but I had a clear vision of my son repeating all of the euphemisms in the book and I decided to pass.

Wee RhymesWee Rhymes: Baby’s First Poetry BookWee Rhymes
My expectations were probably unrealistically high with this one because it’s by Jane Yolen. It seemed fairly blah, and I doubt I’ll ever check it out again.

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  1. Ha – Chicken Cheeks is about what I’ve been suffering lately. Noel taught Eleanor to respond “Chicken butt!” when you say “Guess what?” Siiiiigh. I told her she wasn’t allowed to say it to me, so she adapted it to “Chicken booty” for my sensibilities.

    And now she goes around yelling “Pineapple underpants! Chicken booty!” All. Day. Long. Gee thanks Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and my husband. 😉

    • My sympathies. My kids watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but fortunately they haven’t picked up “pineapple underpants!” from it. My son likes calling people a “sneaky snook” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but I figure there are plenty of worse things he could be saying.

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