What the Kids are Reading vol. 4

Thoughts on the new books I’ve been reading to my kids this month:

Goodnight Goodnight Construction SiteGoodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
A birthday gift for my son from Grandma. He’s a big fan, and I don’t mind it. That makes it a winner for this family.

Hugs for YouHugs for You
A birthday gift for my daughter from Grandma. I’m not sure that she likes it so much, as she wants her own book read whenever her brother gets his book read. Either way, it’s super quick to read, and we hug after each page, so that’s a bonus for me. 🙂

A is for AstronautA Is for Astronaut: Exploring Space from A to Z
The kids like it, but don’t love it.

Babar's Museum of ArtBabar’s Museum of Art
I liked this one more than they did, as I tried to remember the artists whose paintings have been adapted to include elephants. Fun intro to the idea of an art museum, but a little more text than my kids want to hear. Even the four-year-old, and he’s got a decent tolerance for listening to books.

Museum TripMuseum Trip
Ok, mom confession time. I don’t always like books that don’t have text. This one doesn’t have text, and while I thought the pictures wouldn’t be compelling enough to grab my kids’ attention, I was so wrong. My son LOVES this. The maze pictures are especially appealing for him – he traces his way through each one. I’m on the lookout for a book of easy mazes for him he loves them so much!

Meet Me at the Art MuseumMeet Me at the Art Museum: A Whimsical Look Behind the Scenes
(why yes, we were on a museum-book kick.) Super cute, with just the right amount of text for my kids’ attention spans. I loved how it included some of the museum jobs that aren’t always mentioned. (why yes, I did work in a museum before staying home after having my son.)

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  1. Shana Norris says:

    Awwww, those museum books look sooooo good. Hubby’s an artist so we spend a lot of time in museums and galleries. I wish I’d had these when my little ones were into picture books!

    • I think it’s funny how the books that I think will be popular with my kids aren’t always, and some that I think they won’t like they’re crazy for.

      I was so sure they’d like the Babar book, and finding the elephants on each page. Nope. It’s the book with the mazes that my son adores, and the other book has illustrations that keep their attention more.

      My library had several more museum books for young kids, and I want to try them at some point. I am so biased to be a fan of them all that it’s hard to restrain myself to wait, but I don’t want my kids to get overloaded on the topic. 🙂

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